Seattle business owner pressured into chopping dreadlocks following cries of cultural appropriation… Seattle just passed a bew tax on jobs

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A small business owner in Seattle has been shamed into a makeover and a long public apology after an internet mob deemed her dreadlocks a form of ‘cultural appropriation’ – a charge some have dismissed as literal fashion policing.

In an Instagram post on Monday, Rachel Marshall, founder of Rachel’s Ginger Beer in Seattle, penned a lengthy mea culpa apologizing for her “harmful” hairstyle, explaining she is now aware that African Americans are “discriminated against and mistreated for having dreadlocks” while vowing to lop off her own.

“I’m so sorry that it took me this long to admit and address my mistake,” Marshall wrote, adding “I have an appointment to remove my dreadlocks, and more broadly, am committed to earnestly listening to… the voices and lived experiences different from my own.”

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