AOC: The Wuhan Coronavirus Shows Us How Great the Progressive Movement Truly Is

Progressive darling Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) made the case that the proposed Wuhan coronavirus relief package that’s currently floating in Congress shows why progressive ideas and the progressive movement are achievable.

It’s actually a fascinating progressive moment because what it’s shown is that all of these issues have never been about how are you going to pay for it. It’s never been about whether we have the capacity to do these things or if the logistics have worked out,” AOC explained in a video for Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign. “All of these excuses that we have been given as to why we cannot treat people humanely have suddenly gone up in smoke and what has been revealed is all of these issues was really about a lack of a political will and who you deemed worthy to be in an emergency or not.”

Now that we are experiencing everybody who is threatened by the uncertainty of this moment, everyone’s realizing, ‘Wait. We’re all in this together.’ That applies to not just economic prosperity but it also applies to issues of criminal justice, of civil rights, of human rights,” she explained.

In a separate video, Ocasio-Cortez explained that there are illegal aliens currently in ICE detention facilities in New York and New Jersey. She said she waited outside LaGuardia International Airport while six young children were being taken into custody.

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That’s when we started to realize that meanwhile, while the Pentagon has paused all domestic travel for the military, while everyone is working from home, while we were then on the brink of issuing a shelter in place policy, you still have ICE that’s trafficking children across the country,” AOC said. “And not only that but there are immigrants in detention centers that are getting even less attention because the federal government argues that they are entitled to less human rights than the rest of us.”

Someone with the IQ of a walnut would think that.


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