Apparently #NotAllBlackLivesMatter: The Very Real Slave Trade and the Deafening Media Silence

by Mark Angelides

In a society where every poor, downtrodden violent thug is mourned as a Saint when they are shot by police whilst in the commission of a crime, we should expect a somewhat larger reaction to the fact that slavery of black people is alive and well in the world. Not the idiotic “excuse-driven” slavery espoused by the Liberals (“poor man was forced to work 40 hours per week at minimum wage”), but real, actual slavery: the buying and selling of human beings, and all the horror that entails.
But slavery has never been fully eradicated, despite the British naval efforts to destroy the trade. In many parts of Africa and the Middle East, it never stopped, and strangely, has never really been questioned.
Today in Libya, there is a slave market running where black Africans are being sold for as little as $200. The sale of slaves in Libya was largely under control whilst Gaddafi was in power, but now it has become rife. And don’t think that all of these slaves are destined to just work in factories without compensation, many will be sold into the sex trade, others will be sold as “bodies” for experiments, and others will be used in ISIS attacks as bombers or fodder.
And of course, you will probably remember #bringbackourgirls campaign from several years ago. 300 young girls were taken and held by Bok Haram (a militant Islamist group).Media reports at the time called it a “kidnapping”, but it was no such thing (as the MSM clearly knew). The girls had been taken into slavery. They were bartered, exchanged, sold and a few “taken as wives”, none to date have been returned. How much good did Michelle and Barack Obama’s tearful Hashtag protest help?
And then there are the Pygmy people of Africa, who are “owned” by their Bantu masters from birth; the men forced to work, the women sold into sex slavery (it is believed raping one or eating the flesh of one can confer magical powers). The Bantu justify this by saying that they are “less than human” (sound familiar?), and that they can’t be trusted to have money or look after themselves. They say that because the pygmies are of the land, and that as they own the land, they own the pygmies. How often do you hear of this? Not much considering in places like the Congo, pygmies make up almost 10% of the population.
What of the sex slave market? This happens in almost every country. Girls from overseas are bought, drugged (and made addicted), and then sold to “businesses” to work as whores in a drugged up state for 20+ hours per day. Their “service” ends when they can no longer be sold. At which point they are often killed and disposed of (these are the “accidental” drug overdoses we read about, no one reports that the state of the bodies is such that it signifies they were held as slaves). In the US, UK, Australia and all over the world, this happens. But again, no mass media campaign or public outcry.
Why are these not front-page stories on the lips of every journalist and lead Anchor? Where is the MSM in denouncing the groups responsible? And which of our elected politicians is doing any more that posing with a piece of card and a Hashtag?
I do not know the real reason why this doesn’t not receive coverage, but I can make a few suggestions (and feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments below):

  • “Only white people can be slave owners”
  • Politicians see no personal benefit in getting involved.
  • It’s part of Islamic culture, so it would be “racist” to interfere.
  • Very few white people involved, so no easy villain.
  • Black Lives Matter does not actually care about black lives, just their political ideology.


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4 thoughts on “Apparently #NotAllBlackLivesMatter: The Very Real Slave Trade and the Deafening Media Silence

  1. And I will add a few more reasons the media will not cover this
    1. many slavers are black (as with the slave trade in Africa days…Kunta Kinte, for instance, was sold by Mandinkas, right?)
    2. If they expose black slavery today then someone (me, maybe?) will then expose white indentured servitude…and we can’t have that, can we? And THAT still exists today as well!)
    3. Many if not most in the elites are in fact human traffickers (as well as pedophiles) and they make millions and even billions doing this–can’t end the gravy train now can we? And the elites own the media, soooo…

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