Apparently people believe GameStop is issuing an NFT dividend

by pragmojo

I recently came across this post on Superstonk where OP is transferring shares out of Fidelity because these guys are mad about something. Apparently this is happening a lot because the Fidelity employee felt the need to push back on a rumor about GME releasing an NFT dividend.


For anyone who hasn’t followed it, the whole GME situation is every bit as good a source of comedy gold as the crypto space. Several months ago, the retail investors at r/wallstreetbets did manage to trigger a short squeeze and made a ton of money at the expense of institutional investors. It was a nice underdog story and pretty funny.

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But since then, this cargo cult of bag-holders has emerged who probably bought GME at $350 and believe that there is another short-squeeze coming (MOASS or mother-of-all-short-squeezes) which will drive the price of a single share up into the millions. They literally describe GME shares as “a ticket to the moon”.

So they actually believe that institutional investors, who are extremely savvy about how the financial markets work, would allow a second short-squeeze to happen on the same security and would not be able to out-menuver this group of self-described “apes”.

And now these geniuses believe that Fidelity is quaking in their boots because of some kind of NFT dividend.

You just cannot get better content than this.


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