Apple ($AAPL) surge (up 70% YTD)

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by daynightcase

Beside the stock split, which fundamentally adds no value to the company yet it added half a trillion $ to its valuation. What is driving this insane rally?

AMZN ~+73% (YTD)

AAPL ~+70% (YTD)

MSFT ~+30% (YTD)

theoretically MSFT, AMZN and all the software service companies would be the most beneficiary in the last 6 month because of the COVID. However, AAPL actually doubled in valuation. Their revenue hasn’t grown to justify this price levels, so what gives? AAPL isn’t a meme stock like TSLA, so i am genuinely surprised. Is Apple overvalued or AMZN and MSFT undervalued?


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