APPLE Glass puts computer on your eyes! GOOGLE ‘smart tattoos’ turn skin into living touchpad

APPLE Glass puts computer on your eyes!

A FUTURISTIC “Apple Glass” headset could totally replace your iPhone – by giving you augmented reality cyber-vision.

Amazing concept footage of the rumoured headset has been mocked up by a skilled designer, giving us a glimpse of our sci-fi futures.

Apple has been expected to release “smart specs” that let you see computer-generated images for years.

And some insiders have suggested the tech may be launching soon.

Now designer Iskander Utebayev has mocked up concept designs showing off what the headset might look like.

The genius system lets you see apps and games – and even a virtual keyboard – all floating in the air in front of you.

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GOOGLE ‘smart tattoos’ turn skin into living touchpad

is working on smart tattoos that, when applied to skin, will transform the human body into a living touchpad via embedded sensors.

Part of Research, the wearable project is called “SkinMarks” that uses rub-on tattoos.

The project is an effort to create the next generation of wearable technology devices, the CNET reported citing white papers and demo videos,

Here’s how the technology works.

The sensor-driven tattoos are applied to a part of the body.




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