Archbishop Viganò – Calls Out Agenda 2030 (Italian Audio; English Subtitles)

Patrial transcript:

Dear friends, you have gathered so square in Turin as many hundreds of thousands of people around the world are expressing their opposition to the establishment of a global tyranny. Millions of citizens of every nation in the deafening silence of the media have been shouting their “No” for months.
No to pandemic madness. No to lock downs and curfews and to the imposition of vaccinations.
No to health passports from the blackmail a totalitarian power enslaved to the elite; a power that shows itself as inherently evil, animated by an infernal ideology and moved for criminal purposes.
A power that now declares that it has broken the social pact and considers itself above its citizens. Slaves of a dictatorship. Today health and tomorrow ecological.
This power so convinced of being now successful in his silent coup d’état that it shoves in our faces with impudence. It’s not only the ideology that moves them but also the religion. This same day on the Quirinal Hill, the palace that was the residence of the High Pontiffs in the city of Rome an exhibition is inaugurated with the emblematic title “Inferno,” whose centerpiece is Auguste Rodin’s sculpture, The Gates of Hell,….

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More from 15:14 – 16:25 – We don’t have a Pope who will defend those who do not want to have the experimental gene serum. Nor bishops who will raise their voices to condemn the use of aborted fetuses to produce these so-called vaccines. On the contrary, the shepherds kick us out of churches if we don’t have the Green Pass. They remove the priest who does not yield to the pandemic delirium, and in the Vatican, the employees of the Holy See are fired, including the Swiss guards who refuse to get branded by rejecting the diktat of a courtly hierarchy of the New World Order.
I express here my total solidarity with priests outlawed by their bishops, and with the former Swiss Guards; in particular to Pierre-André Udressy, who had the courage to publicly denounce the abuses he suffered by the Vatican authorities.



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