Are All Liberals Evil?

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By Gabrielle Seunagal

American politics has become ugly and brutal. It is literally impossible to log onto social media and scroll through any political page without eventually seeing arguments between the left and the right. In the minds of liberals, conservatives are evil, racist, xenophobic, etc. In the minds of conservatives, liberals are intolerant, violent, and dangerous. Each side fancies themselves as the champions of goodness. As a consistently outspoken critic of left wingers, I do not believe all liberals are inherently evil.


While an abundance of radical, intolerant, and psychotic left wingers exist, that crowd does not necessarily represent liberals as a whole. There are some of them who truly believe in the progressive agenda and view it as a tool to help the American people. Despite my plethora of disagreements with liberals, progressives, and Democrats, it would be obscene to label them all as evil and dangerous. Just as there are many well meaning conservatives, well-intentioned liberals exist as well.


Radical leftists have been incredibly damaging to decent liberals. When the Democrats nominated Hillary Clinton in 2016, it was a colossal mistake. Clinton embodied corruption, elitism, and untrustworthiness. If liberals wanted a woman to represent their platform and make a plausible run for the White House, they should have selected a woman with a favorable reputation that was not tarnished with countless scandals. Liberals and conservatives alike hated Hillary Clinton.


Democrats truly hurt themselves when they rigged the primary election in the favor of Hillary Clinton. Liberals and conservatives both knew Bernie Sanders didn’t stand a fighting chance against Clinton due to her overwhelming amount of superdelegates. This truly sealed the Democrat’s fate as the party of corruption. Rigging the primaries in Clinton’s favor also ticked off well-intentioned liberals who happened to be Sanders supporters and would later vote for Trump, due to their disgust with liberal elitists. Despite the monstrosity of Sanders’ policies, if left wing leaders simply allowed their people to pick their own nominee, perhaps the Democrat Party would be in a slightly better position.

The first step for well-intentioned liberals to separate themselves from the lunatics within their own party. This means speaking out against kooks like Elizabeth Warren, criminals like Hillary Clinton, and the violent rioters who burn cars, destroy public property, and then label conservatives as bigoted and hateful. This has become the new face of the Democrat Party and is it not a pretty picture.


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