INSANE LIBS! Dem. Assemblyman Pushes Bill to Guarantee Teachers Cannot Shoot Back if Attackers Strike

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I changed my opinion on Dems. I thought they were crazy. Now? I don’t think they have a mind to lose!
California Assemblyman Kevin McCarty (D-7) is pushing legislation to take away school administrators’ power to allow teachers with a Carry Concealed Weapon license (CCW) to be armed in classrooms for self-defense.
McCarty’s bill–AB 424–was introduced months ago and is snaking its way through the legislative process.
He introduced the bill on February 13 and in mid-March reported that it was being pushed as a way “of closing a loophole in the Gun Free School Zone Act. That act, also known as SB 707, barred firearms on school grounds, but made exceptions for anyone granted permission by local superintendents.” AB 424 would take away superintendents’ powers to allow teachers with CCW’s to be armed for self-defense.
Gun Owners of California’s Sam Peredes talked to Breitbart News on May 12 and said, “Two years ago, California passed a bill saying a concealed carry permit holder could not carry on any school campus unless they had the authorization of the school administrator. Well, out of the one thousand school districts in California, five of them decided to allow concealed permit holders to carry on their campuses. That so ticked off the legislature that now they are going to take away the authority of even administrators to allow CCW holders to carry on their campuses.”
My challenge to ALL anti-gun nuts, if you REALLY believe the crap you spew: Place a sign in your front yard or on your front door in LARGE LETTERS proudly announcing that “THIS HOME IS A GUN FREE ZONE”!
If you refuse to do this, you are a damn HYPOCRITE: You are depending on the fact that would be home invaders will be discouraged from targeting YOUR home because some of your neighbors ARE armed.
OK you anti-gun nuts. Please explain to Lynne Russell, former CNN anchor, and to her husband, Chuck de Caro, how armed self-defense is a bad idea:
July 2015 former CNN anchor, Lynne Russell, and her husband, former CNN investigative reporter, Chuck de Caro, were on vacation retracing the historic US Highway 66 and stopped at a motel in Albuquerque NM for the night. While her husband was in the shower, as Lynne went to their car to retrieve some luggage, an armed male, Tomorio Walton, confronted her in the parking lot, forced her at gunpoint back into the motel room and threw her down on the bed, not knowing her husband was in the bathroom. Hearing the commotion the husband comes out of the shower wet and naked and sees what is happening. He manages to grab his gun he and his wife were travelling with: In the ensuring gunfight the thug was killed. The husband was wounded but survived. His wife unscathed.
If they were not armed, she would have been raped and she and her husband would be dead.…
Two recent eerily similar random stranger on stranger violent home invasions that occurred while mothers were home alone with their children. But two very different outcomes:
1: Last November, a mother, Semantha Bunce, was breastfeeding her child in her home in Charlotte NC, when a group of home invaders (including Reco Latur Dawkins Jr) busted down the front door and ran upstairs and barged through her bedroom door. But she had retrieved a pistol in the meantime and met the armed home invaders with a hail of bullets as they came into her bedroom. The home invaders fled. But while Semantha Bunce was wounded, she survived.
2: Just a few days later also last November, a pregnant mother, Amanda Blackburn, 28, with her child in a crib nearby, was at home in Indianapolis IN when three male home invaders (Larry Jo Taylor Jr, 18, Jalen E Watson, 21, & Dimo Gordon) barged through the front door. She endured hours of terror as she was robbed, beaten, raped, and then shot point blank in the head execution style. Her husband came home to find his beautiful wife stripped naked from the waist down and dying, her head in a pool of blood.
Two similar home invasions. Two very different outcomes. The difference having a gun in the home makes.
Here is yet another case of a mother home alone with her children, engaging in armed self-defense against a male home invader: As a male home invader from Atlanta GA, Paul Slater, 32, burst into a family’s home in the suburb of Loganville, Ga, the mother grabbed a 38 revolver they had in the home and took her children into an attic space off the bathroom and waited in terror, dialing her husband, Donnie Herman. The home invader made his way to the bathroom and opened the door where the mother and her children were huddled: She opened fired until she ran out of bullets. The home invader, wounded, fled the family’s home.
Once again, if that family did not have a gun in the house, she would have been raped, and, along with her children, murdered.…
And another case of a woman fending off a violent home invader:
—“ Kay Dickinson of Wilmington, North Carolina, … was grabbed from behind and forced into her apartment by a man threatening her with a gun.”—
—“ “We had a tussle, and he choked me and gagged me, …“I was thinking, ‘This man is going to kill me.’ … And when he took me to the bedroom I was thinking, you know, ‘Is he going to rape me?’”—-
—“ I jumped up on the bed, grabbed the gun, turned around and just pulled the trigger,”–
—“ When police arrived they found felon Willie Franklin Stith III, 35, lying near the front door with a single bullet wound to the chest.”—……
Here we have a lovely petite delicate Far East Asian lady, a self-sufficient businesswoman contributing to this nation, defending herself and her roommate from three vicious armed racist predator oppressor street-terrorist parasite HOME INVADERS. I shudder to think what would have happened to her had she not been armed (which if racist Obama or SLEAZY HELLary had their way, she wouldn’t have been).…
Good contrast armed vs un-armed Good Samaritan:
“Court records allege that Wyatt was one of the men who attacked a 39-year-old Kansas City, Kan., mother [bashing her in the head severely injuring her as she was putting her baby in the back seat] in broad daylight in the parking lot of Wal-Mart on Shawnee Mission Parkway off Interstate 435.
During that attack, two Good Samaritans ran to the woman’s rescue, resulting in one [UNARMED] Good Samaritan shot and injured, and one suspect, identified as 28-year-old John W. Simmons III of Kansas City, Mo., shot and killed at the scene by another [ARMED CONCEALED CARRY] Good Samaritan.”…
The fact is massacres HAVE ALSO been prevented due to armed civilians time and again. It regularly occurs in Israel where the populace is ARMED.
Compare the Virginia Tech large scale massacre, a gun free zone, to another mass killing that was quickly cut short not too far from Virginia Tech at Appalachian School of Law, where a Nigerian immigrant student on a shooting rampage was stopped cold by two armed students who confronted him. GUNS SAVE LIVES!
Dahir Adan, a Somali “refugee” import knifed “at random” ten shoppers at a St. Cloud, Minnesota mall on September 17 this year, before his murderous rampage was stopped cold by an armed person who happened to be there shopping, who shot the terrorist killer dead.
In the US, the areas where the fundamental human right to self-defense (requiring the tools to exercise that right both at and away from home) is most respected, have the LOWEST homicide rates (think Vermont, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Alaska, rural America…) while areas with the strictest gun control have the HIGHEST homicide rates (think Detroit, Chicago, Newark, …). And across the globe, nations with the highest homicide rates, like Brazil, have the STRICTEST gun control. While many nations with widespread armed citizenry have the lowest homicide rates, like Israel & Switzerland. Nations with strict gun control and low homicide rates had low homicide rates BEFORE the strict gun-control, like Australia. HINT: It’s the culture, not the guns. If Japan issued firearms to ALL of its citizens today, there would not be a BLIP in it’s low homicide rate.
A note about the above news stories. The leftwing media religiously points out race any time when, and ONLY when, there is an alleged white on black incident, such as we see when a white police officer shoots a black suspect, without any evidence that race played a role, beyond the left’s own prejudices. So if I were to mirror that media practice as an act of protest, I would have been pointing out that in ALL the accounts above, except for the Virginia Tech massacre, the perpetrators were black and the victims non-black. But I won’t.
h/t The Pale Horse, Z.G

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