Are all wars controlled conflicts?

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Something I’ve realized from studying the history of war is that oftentimes you find the same countries or factions funding/supporting BOTH sides. Now I’m not saying I necessarily believe every war is a controlled conflict. Perhaps some of them do happen organically. But if you look at many of the major wars such as WW1, WW2, the Iran-Iraq War, you find they are orchestrated on both sides at the top levels by the same powerful people. The same can be said for smaller wars such as Israel-Hamas conflict or the Northern Ireland conflict. It was quite eye-opening to realize how Israel in fact created Hamas or how Britain has been manipulating and pulling the strings behind Sinn Fein/ the IRA all along.

Which leads me to my question: are all these wars basically engineered conflicts where people in power pit two sides against each other to advance their agenda? Are wars essentially just large-scale false flags? Consider for example the Iraq War and the subsequent War on ISIS. The US takes out Saddam and then ISIS emerges from the power vacuum. It’s already heavily suspected that the US covertly created and funds ISIS. So now you have the US-backed Iraqi forces fighting against… US-backed ISIS. I mean just think of all the thousands of people killed in this war and the millions that are displaced… And it just leads me to the idea that whoever is orchestrating these wars are complete psychopaths.

Now I even wonder about Syria and whether that war is not in fact being controlled on both sides. How we know that the entire US-Russia conflict as well as its many proxy wars are not also engineered and manipulated at the top by the same people?


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