Are Australian Banks Preparing For A Massive Financial/Economic Crash And Prohibiting Withdrawals?

by Michael

There seems to be clear and rapidly-mounting evidence (non-access/restriction to, particularly large, bank accounts) that Australia/Australian banks are preparing for a financial/economic crash of massive proportions and banning withdrawals for bogus reasons likely in a forerunner to preventing ‘runs on banks’. There are obvious examples of government involvement: if not actual motivation. (eg. claims that “It’s the law”).

It’s a VERY recent turn of events and appears to be settling into bank-policies quickly, across the board: including blocking or closing of accounts arbitrarily. I have ample documented evidence and am connecting to more and more people suffering the same restrictions Publicity is called for asap, and a LEGAL challenge to the process.

I have approached TEN lawyers/law-firms with a view to applying for relevant court-orders, but NOT ONE of them will look at it, even at their ‘usual rate’ of about $550 per hour: number of hours unstipulated. That suggests that the legal fraternity is aware of whatever is going on.

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To date, as far as I can make out, the occurrence has only applied to larger bank-accounts (in my own case $150,000) but there’s no reason the procedure couldn’t be applied to EVERY bank-account holder in the country: approximately EIGHTEEN MILLION of them. Events around the world, AND RECENTLY IN LEBANON SHOULD RING THE ALARM-BELLS. PEOPLE NEED TO BE MADE AWARE!

PS; I am available for details/evidence at the above address.


Disclaimer: This is a guest post.


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