Are Cryptos Like Bitcoin A By-Product Of Horribly Loose Monetary Policcie By The Fed? (Or Did Sam Blankmind-Fried Look At This Chart?)

by confoundedinterest17

We know that Federal Reserve monetary policy, with the exception of Paul Volcker, has been incredibly loose helping to produce asset bubbles. Particularly under Bernanke, Yellen and Powell.

But cryptos like Bitcoin saw an amazing run-up in price, once in 2017 which came to a halt as The Fed raised their target rate and started to let their balance sheet shrink. Then came Covid in early 2020 and The Fed’s massive overreaction by pushing their target rate to 0.25 basis points (again) and massively expanded their balance sheet. During the Covid “crisis” and the massive Fed response, we saw Bitcoin soar in price.

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But starting in 2022, we saw The Fed counterattack inflation by raising their target rate and the expectation of future rate rose rapidly. With this tightening of rates, we saw Bitcoin come crashing back down. I can see Bitcoin crashing further to 7,000 as The Fed continues their counterattack.

My question is … did Sam Blankman-Fried and his team even notice that cryptos were plunging with Fed tightening? Or did he even care? And what were his models? Or Alameda Research’s models? I would love to look at them.



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