Are Democrats all Evil?

by Martin Armstrong

QUESTION: You always bash the Democrats. Do you think they are all evil?


ANSWER: No. I don’t think you understand how Washington works. You can vote for a candidate on whatever they say they will fight for. Then they get to Washington. There they are instructed that they MUST vote for whatever the party is doing even if they disagree with it. The head of each party holds a welcome meeting where they are given instructions on how to vote. In all honesty, it is really irrelevant what anyone stands for in either party. Just look at the votes. You will see they are 99% of the time along party lines.

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So the important issue is not what someone says, but what is the Party agenda. If you really think that Biden wrote all those executive orders you are dreaming. His handlers had them already drafted and he is just told – sign here – with little red arrow stickers.

This is why I say that Republics are the WORST form of government for you cannot hold anyone to what they promise. Therefore, I am not talking about individuals and I seriously DOUBT that even most Democrats understand that the agenda is being choreographed from a global perspective. Most have no contact with Gates or the World Economic Forum. Control the leadership and you control the party.

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This is no longer about America. I also warned that this last election was NOT about Trump v Biden. Trump learned the hard way that being President is not the same as being the president of a corporation. There is no central all-powerful position in the Oval Office. Biden just does what he is told. That is it! Welcome to real politics 101 for it works the same way in both parties.


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