Are fewer flies another sign that Covid19 is launching a global takeover?

by John Ward 


Some breaking news on the subject of far fewer flies in the air this year compared to normal. Expert in insect armageddon and mathematical modeller of deadly sniffles Professor Neil Desperandum told Channel 4 last night, “No doubt viewers who prefer settled science observation to denialist Far Right atavism have spotted the fact that only 1 fly in 37 zillion is using a mask as protection against worldwide bubonic-related deadly killer virus Covid19….hence the near-decimation of their numbers during July.”

An opinion poll conducted by IABATOINIUM Research of Chipping Sodbury in turn showed that fewer than 0.00317% of UK adults had seen any flies sporting masks during 2020. And keen pro-am Bluebottle behaviourist Myra P. Queulia from George Floyd Lane Walsall alerted the East Midlands Dispatch as follows: “The absence of protective masks among Calliphora this year has been much remarked upon”.

Adding fuel to the already sizzling fire of horror at such a viral leap, Professor Heater Whoreby told Guardian sexuality correspondent Owen Loans, “This wilful insectoid disobedience threatens each and every member of the Islamic Front for the Socio-chemical management of the Backbottom community and must be stamped out immediately”.

Some years back, I wote a post suggesting that one day, we would all have screens in our homes telling us what to consume that day. The people who ridiculed my contention way back in 2013 are the same clowns saying today, “It’s only a mask, it’s all for the best, we have to be prudent”.

What it amounts at the moment is this: we Europeans are being forced by Law to buy something that is 98% ineffective as a protection against Covid19. And this demand is based on flim-flam hearsay, not databased expectations.

Despite the failure of one-size-fits-all Lockdown as a strategy – on any level you might care to choose from lost gdp via aged deaths and lowered herd immunity – the same sort of blunt instrument is now to be used.

There is, naturally, a much better plan:

1. Proper multi-layered N95 masks for the vulnerable – older, obese, respiratory pathogen patients – and leave everyone under 50 years old exactly where they are. This would build herd immunity via infection (at a risk of death for 40 people per ten thousand aged 40-50, 12 people per ten thousand aged 31-39, and less than 6 per ten thousand for under 30s.
2. The use of HCQ cocktails for the infected would cut those deaths by 85%. That’s over twice as effective as Remdesivir, but thanks to mendacious trials by Oxford Recovery, everyone’s now going with Remdesivir

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So why are we ignoring the objective science in favour of yet more obfuscation?

Let’s return to my first point: we are being forced to buy something that is 98% ineffective as a protection against Covid19.
Just think about that for a minute: the State is engaged in empty virtue-signalling but insisting that we pay for it.
Further, they’e telling us this about a practice they themselves insisted, back in March, was of little or no use.
They are not doing this by “following the science” (I may have to get Dad’s service revolver from the attic and shoot the next legislative whore who uses that stupid lie) but by entertaining  bad science being deliberately proffered as advice from those corrupted by Global Pharma money.
If you have a better example of the definition ‘Dysfunctional Corporate State’ than that, then do please give it to me.

It’s important to be blunt now, because the whole disinformative Covid19 narrative seems to prefer flakey Leftist modeller opinion to facts. Peter Horby is a media-manipulative, dishonest and politically Left Wing Pharma propagandist who perverts drug trials for his own ends. Neil Ferguson’s ‘models’ have been so alarmingly wrong so many times, he might as well parade them up and down a catwalk for all the good they’ve been. He broke a Lockdown he himself had dubiously demanded just to get a shag. He also is Left Wing, and his favoured bonk even more so.

Following the “recommendations” of these two scoundrels is like employing Adolf Hitler as a Tsar in charge of countering anti-Semitism. Or indeed, having Dr Fauci as America’s key spokesman on the most economically and socially ethical way to tackle Covid19…..given that there is a blindingly obvious corrupt in-bed-together link from the Faucian One to globalist Pharma.

And yet, the lauding of these popinjays continues: Tuesday’s Covid19 coverage at the London Times was off in a land far beyond parody: the Oxford vaccine results have been ‘thrilling’ – yes, they actually used that word; this winter, ‘250,000 more people could die’ in Britain – somebody somewhere says.

Who exactly? Er….not sure, we’ll get back to you on that; there is going to be ‘a spike probably at the level of of 1918 Spanish flu’ asserts Fauci. Based on nothing.

Imagine in October 1962 if JFK had warned Americans there were missile bases in Cuba, and then shown a lascivious Cuban beauty rolling a Havana cigar on her thighs as proof.

Well, that’s where we are today.




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