Are Flu Vaccines Risking Senior Citizens’ Lives? Some Say Yes

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The CDC estimates that 90 percent of flu-related deaths occur in people 65 years of age or older, and their recommended protocol is that all senior citizens get their annual flu shot. However, Sharyl Attkisson, formerly an investigative journalist for CBS, has uncovered evidence that the flu shots are not actually doing any good. In fact, she says those vaccines may actually be costing the lives of some seniors.

In her blog, Attkisson cites a buried JAMA study from almost a decade ago which showed that there was no improvement in mortality rates among senior citizens with a flu vaccine, even after greatly increased vaccination rates. The study “got little attention,” she says, “because the science came down on the wrong side.” Whereas the researchers had set out to prove that the push for massive flu vaccination would save the world, the researchers were “astonished” to find that the data did not support their presupposition at all. The data actually shows that deaths increased, not decreased, among seniors following vaccination.

Johns Hopkins scientist, Peter Doshi, Ph.D., issued a report in the prestigious British Medical Journal, according to NewsLI, asserting that the CDC policy of routinely recommending the flu vaccine is being based on “low quality studies that do not substantiate claims.” He says there is no evidence that the vaccine reduces deaths among senior citizens. Interestingly, Doshi cites an Australian study which found significant risks for children as well, stating that “one in every 110 children under the age of five had convulsions following vaccinations in 2009 for H1N1 influenza.”

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During the drug trials for the Fluzone flu vaccine, 23 seniors out of 3,833 died after receiving the shot, according to the drug’s package insert, reported by Health Impact News. Another 226 experienced “serious adverse effects.” The manufacturer denies any connection between the deaths and the flu vaccine.…e-say-yes/…tudy-warns


Some people have gotten severe side effects from the Shingles vaccine:

“In studies, Dooling says, more than 70 percent of people experienced pain following the Shingrix vaccine, and almost half experienced some type of muscle pain or fatigue. “About one in six people experienced side effects so severe that it actually prevented their normal activities,” she says. “So these side effects were in fact substantial. But for most people, they only tend to last about two or three days.”

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What is the Problem With These Shingles Vaccinations?

Let’s start with the report that Zostavax’s effectiveness in preventing shingles is reported to be about 51 percent. In addition, it’s likely that the vaccination causes the very disease it is intended to prevent – shingles – as well as chickenpox. The vaccination warnings regarding these outcomes may be insufficient to adequately alert patients, including some of the most vulnerable in our communities, of the risks.
There is some indication that the vaccination is linked to death. NCIV analysis indicates that there were more than 1,100 serious adverse events reports made to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System from 1990 until September 2015 related to shingles-containing vaccinations. Of these reports, 90 were for deaths associated with the shingles vaccine.

Both chickenpox and shingles may result in serious damage to the nervous system including conditions like meningitis, encephalitis, acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM) and stroke. Some people who develop shingles have serious side effects, such as Guillain-Barre syndrome, congestive heart failure, or varicella pneumonia.…ne-lawsuit

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