Are More Americans Supporting Obamacare?

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By Gabrielle Seunagal
Mere hours ago, the mainstream media released a new Morning Consulting + Politico poll claiming that support of Obamacare is now on the rise with 45% of registered voters supporting it. CNBC has also reported that the amount of Americans who oppose Obamacare have dropped by 7%. Unsurprisingly, polls are easily manipulated and can present a particular illusion when the exact opposite holds true. For instance, if liberal news outlets want to paint an image of Obamacare in high favorability, they can use data from people who support progressivism, while excluding input from those who indentify as conservative.
If the media wishes to strengthen their credibility amongst the American people, they would do well to list the groups of people who are asked to provide statistics for their polls. Are they mostly liberal or conservative? How many Democrats were asked to provide data? How many Republicans were asked for their input? In fairness, the Politico poll does list racial, religious, and political demographics of survey respondents on page 18-20, but the number of female Democrat respondents outweighs the number of female Republican respondents. The same hold true when you compare male Democrat respondents to male Republican respondents. If surveys contain unbalanced data, which the Politico one does, then they automatically carry bias. In this particular circumstance, this poll has more feedback from Democrats than Republicans; so naturally, it will appear as though support for Obamacare is on the rise.

The 2016 election truly revealed the lengths that the mainstream media will go to promote their own agenda. It is a secret no longer. I question all surveys from major news outlets, because their flagrant bias and favoritism towards the Left is relentless. Mainstream media outlets should report news for all Americans, of all political backgrounds. All American news outlets should remain bipartisan or centrist to remove all appearances of bias for a particular person, party, or philosophy.  

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2 thoughts on “Are More Americans Supporting Obamacare?

  1. Yes! Fake stream media polls, NOW can be believed. Do y’all have the attention span of a goldfish?
    Logical Fallacy used AGAIN: Bandwagon, or Argumentum ad populum. If other people believe it to be true, it must be true. Like the consensus on global warming. ffs.
    Media polls are created to manufacture opinion, not survey opinion.

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