Are Self Induced Abortions on the Rise?

By Gabrielle Seunagal

Self induced abortions have long been proven as reckless, dangerous, and fatal. However the notorious reputation of unprofessional engendered abortion has not stopped feminist groups from helping women abort their unborn fetuses in their own homes. ’Women Help Women expressed their concerns for laws that prohibit or complicate abortions and cited the ‘abortion pill’ as a preferable alternative, despite the myriad of attached risks and dangers.


Women who self abort, regardless of their chosen method, are placing their bodies, livelihood, and even their legal standing in peril. Techniques of self induced abortions include, but are not limited to, the use of coat hangers, the act of taking drugs, being punched or kicked in the abdomen, or the use of abortion pills which are illegal in many cases. Despite these alarming facts, ‘Women Help Women’ sees no issue with women performing self induced abortions. This speaks to a greater, uncomfortable truth that many people on the right side of the political spectrum might have trouble accepting.

Banning or outlawing abortions will never halt the act. If abortion were to become illegal, more women would simply take it upon themselves to terminate an undesired fetus. If one opposes abortion due to religious, moral, or ethical reasons, that individual should not partake in the act. However, attempting to force the same notion on others will only engender additional bodily injuries and fatalities that could have been prevented had the abortion been performed by a licensed doctor. People must understand that while each individual is entitled to their beliefs, he or she is not entitled to force their ideals or lifestyle choices on others. History has repeatedly proven that outlawing abortion simply makes it more dangerous