Coup in Macedonia – Soros appointees beaten in parliament

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by KneelB4Zod
Attempted coup in Macedonia –
Supporters of the movement “For The Common Macedonia” stormed the Macedonian parliament and attacked the deputies of the parliamentary majority, following a vote for a new speaker. In addition, journalists were detained in the press center of the Parliament.
Demonstrators forced their way into the building after the Social Democrats and the parties representing ethnic Albanians elected a parliament speaker in a vote that Gruevski’s party didn’t recognize, MIA said.
As Bloomberg reports, the former Yugoslav state of 2 million people has struggled to find a way out of political deadlock after former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski failed to for a coalition government following an inconclusive snap vote five months ago. Gruevski’s ally, President Gjorge Ivanov, has refused to give a mandate to the opposition Social Democrats, which say they can form a majority-backed government with parties representing ethnic Albanians.
Today’s action was condemned by European Union Commissioner Johannes Hahn, who said “violence has no place in parliament,” according to his post on Twitter.

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Live Feed:

The attack injured several members, including the leader of the opposition SDSM party, Zoran Zaev.
Enrico Ivanov@Russ_Warrior 6 min.
Meanwhile inside the parliament building in #Skopje…
Coup or not coup #Soros must be disappointed.

Enrico Ivanov@Russ_Warrior 3 min.
#Soros’ puppet #Zaev and other SDSM MPs (Pro-GreaterAlbania) attacked and beaten in the parliament.
#Macedonia #FYROM

Protesters storm into Macedonia parliament, Social Democratic…
More photos of the beaten politicans:
eNCA@eNCA 2 min.
eNCA | Protesters storm into Macedonia parliament, Social Democratic leader injured -witnesses
Protesters strom the parliament:

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5 thoughts on “Coup in Macedonia – Soros appointees beaten in parliament

    • Who should do it, given every single one who has access to the building is either on Soros’ or on Adelson’s payroll (with some being on both)?
      Time to vote out everyone with a “D” or “R” after their name.

      • I have done my part by voting Libertarian for the last 30 years. Still waiting for everyone else to catch up.

  1. If Soros has any say in the matter those folks will be drug through the mud like Donald has been since he’s been elected. Their terms will be rife with fake accusations as well.

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