Send President Trump To North Korea To Make A Deal – He Needs To Go Now – Talk To Kim!

by Pamela Williams

Ian Bremmer of the Eurasia Group and author of “Superpower” has a brilliant idea, and I agree with him.
I believe we have run out of options with North Korea, and we are in a deadly limbo. Lil’ Kim has put soldiers on the beach, and he will not be hesitant much longer.
He and the United States are locked in a war right now, but no one wants to admit it.
Both Countries have gone as far as they can without striking the other. We have to do something now.
And what is our next move?
No one knows.
Trump is the best talker and most appealing of any politician to handle Kim. He needs to take Dennis Rodman with him and do it now.
You have your stoic and prideful politicians like Tillerson and Pence, who need to get get off their high horses and put their support behind President Trump; encouraging him to do what he does best.
Lives depend upon it, and I have confidence he can do it.
As you all know one day we are going to do a preemptive strike, and the next day we back off.
We know the cost of a war with North Korea, and there would be a domino effect that will topple the world.
None of us will have any quality of life thereafter.
Please someone read this, who will encourage our best deal maker to make the most important deal he will ever make for the life of the world.
Don’t tell me it cannot be done, because it can.

As you can see, he is willing to talk with Lil’ Kim.  I hope that his Cabinet is not holding him back, as I believe Trump would have already spoken with Kim if not for the “grooming” he is getting from those around him.  Washington is pushing Trump in so many directions, and he is trying to help the American people with their taxes, but I read today that Paul Ryan is opposing a middle class tax cut.  That is one evil man.  He is a lover of Obamacare, and he is an elite and prideful social climber who looks down on common ordinary people.  
WE THE PEOPLE are the foundation of this Country, and Paul Ryan will be pushed off his high horse one day soon.
Pray for President Trump, our Country, and the World.