DEA Admits To Selling Drugs On Streets, Targets Helpless To Justify Budgets

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The War on Drugs, carried out by the DEA, continues unabated since its establishment in the 1970s during the Nixon administration era. For years, countless arrests have occurred, many of them for victimless crimes involving cannabis. Large sentences are dealt, some carrying hefty jail times.
Only this week, Canada unveiled their legislation to fully legalize cannabis, acknowledging the War on Drugs is fruitless. “We know that criminal prohibition has failed,” said former police chief turned MP Bill Blair. “Legalization seeks to regulate and restrict access to cannabis and will make Canada safer.” But cannabis isn’t the topic for debate. Blair summoned up what is pertinent to the War on Drugs across every nation: that it has failed. The hypocrisy that is the DEA’s refusal to acknowledge the medicinal benefits of cannabis cannot go unnoted; yet, more importantly, they have been caught red-handed, admitting tacitly during a House Judiciary Committee Hearing that the DEA sells drugs to people on the streets with the goal of catching “bigger fish.” The War on Drugs is perpetuated by the Drug Enforcement Agency who insists on locking people up for years at a time, for possession of what is still scheduled as a Class
A substance, though now legal in many US states.
In the first week of April, the DEA was questioned over whether they allow shipments of drugs into the community for the sake of making a bigger bust down the track. The Washington Post reported on the transcript between Louisiana Democratic Rep. Cedric L. Richmond asking the DEA’s appointed acting director Chuck Rosenberg on the issue:
“RICHMOND: This committee held many hearings, and was furious about the Fast and Furious program. At least from my knowledge of DEA and other drug agencies, oftentimes part of a bigger sting is letting transactions and other things go through. Now, it’s a very specific question. In DEA’s past, present, future, any:

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