Are smartphones the worst tools ever (spying)?

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by AnakinWayneII

Smartphones are arguably helpful. They can be used for entertainment, communications and swift bank transfers and photos etc (3 woops for anybody who manages to quickly video a UFO or a terror attack etc).

However, could these “objects of entertainment” actually be a Trojan Horse?

Imagine a worst case scenario where you are being spied upon through your smartphone…in real time. Imagine that you are logging into your banking app on your smartphone and somebody (it doesn’t even have to be “the government”, could be criminals or weirdos or otherwise) can see (what) you (are doing) in real time. Imagine your internet activity can be monitored. Imagine that smartphones are the ultimate breach to personal privacy since the dawn of time, since the existence of modern man 200,000 years ago.

And that’s just for the average Joe! Imagine being a billionaire or a government official and you are being spied upon. The problems increase tenfold. Communications regarding share dealings or potential share dealings or major economic decisions; orders to carry out military strikes or communications regarding major events or secret events – the possibilities are endless.

Fears of the average Joe that “the government” is spying on them could be multiplied a hundredfold as it is discovered that “the government” may not even be the (only) “entity” surveilling you! From criminals to weirdoes to even foreign governments or criminals or otherwise (or even your own “family” members in secrer – which is both illegal and immoral) could make this even worse.

How serious do you think this is?


TL:DR Smartphones could be major tools of surveillance used to spy on the common man or even the obscenely wealthy or politicians or major government officials and military personnel and high-ranking personnel etc




Disclaimer: This is a guest post and it doesn’t necessarily represent the views of IWB.


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