Are the hackers/scammers pushing too far?

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by TheGreatHambino2

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I feel like I’ve seen countless news stories of scammers/hackers preying on individuals, liquidity pools, exchanges, etc. It just boggles my mind that despite all of these scams and hacks draining people’s coins/wallets, new money keeps flowing into crypto. Is the main thing propping up the crypto market at this point the stable coin printers? I just find it hard to believe that all of these suckers getting rekt will keep bringing new money into the system. I feel like we are at peak capacity of greater fools or at least very close. The scammers and hackers are opportunistic of course so they will exploit any weaknesses they can find to steal as much as they can. But in this process they are delegitimizing and further stigmatizing crypto to prevent new money from coming in and potentially destroying the “assets” they want to steal. Does anyone else feel like the walls are closing in on crypto?

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