Are Tommy Robinson And Anne Marie Waters Going to Start a New Political Party?

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by Mark Angelides

With the very unfortunate election results for UKIP (12% down to 1.8%), the newly elected leader, Paul Nuttall, has stepped aside. Leadership elections are now getting started, but one of the contenders, Anne Marie Waters (AMW) is already getting a lot of pushback from the party’s National Executive Committee. AMW is a determined critic of the negative aspects of Islam and is unafraid to voice her concerns; she has recently been sharing a platform with Tommy Robinson, former founder of EDL turned Activist and Reporter for Rebel Media. If AMW is denied a place on the leadership ballot, there are already rumblings that if she were to set up a new party, many would be willing to follow.
AMW is described by much of the British media as “hard Right”, she is a director of and campaigns for UK Against Sharia. She began her political activism on the Far Left, became disillusioned with it and now sees “a Left-wing that has aligned itself with Islam because it sees this religion as the key to bringing down the West.”
Tommy Robinson has become a divisive yet compelling media figure in recent years. He was a founder member of the English Defense League” (EDL) which he later left, and has since rebranded himself as a fighter for “human rights over Sharia”. He campaigns against Islam (but not Muslims) and is now a regular fixture of Rebel Media, a bestselling author, and one of the most persecuted men in Britain.
Both AMW and Robinson have spent time campaigning on the same platform with the groups Unite Against Hate and Gays Against Sharia. The group hosts rallies and talks that include speakers from diverse backgrounds such as Sikhs, LGBTQ groups, and ex-Muslims.
Between AMW and Tommy Robinson they have almost 100,000 Twitter followers and a mass of support on other media platforms
Here’s their joint video calling for people to march:

If they were to begin a British political party, they would likely have upwards of 50,000 members from a cross-section of society within the first few weeks, and these are numbers that can translate into actual Seats in Parliament.
The saddest aspect of this is the falling off in support of UKIP. Arguably the party that not only forced the British government to hold the In/Out referendum on membership of the EU in the first place, but also ensured that the Out Side won. Many within the party are troubled that it has become “too mainstream” and is not willing to stand out on issues and is instead following the “safe, PC” line.
Perhaps if former leader, Nigel Farage were back in play, there would be a chance of creating real change in the political landscape.

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  1. you dont seem to realize that UKIP purposely didnt stand for the recent election. They supported the Tories to get BREXIT done

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