Social Security Is Not A Benefit. It Is A Right That One Has Paid For! Senator Calls Senior Citizens Greediest Generation. Trump Seeks To Save Social Security And Medicare.

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by Pamela Williams
Senator Alan Simpson (R-Wyoming) needs to get his facts straight about social security.  

  1. You pay 6.5% as an employee,
  2. Your employer pays 6.5%.
  3. You pay 1.5% to Medicare,
  4. Total 14.5%.
  5. If you are self-employed you must pay the 14.5% yourself.      

How could he say, because senior citizens expect their social security and medicare benefits when they retire, they are greedy?  
“Alan Simpson, Senator from Wyoming, Co-Chair of Obama’s deficit commission, calls senior citizens the Greediest Generation as he compared “Social Security” to a Milk Cow with 310 million teats.”
Here is a response in a letter from Patty Myers in Montana.  She is mad, and she should be.  I am stunned at his ignorance.
“Hey Alan, let’s get a few things straight!

  1. As a career politician, you have been on the public dole (tit) for FIFTY YEARS.
  2. I have been paying Social Security taxes for 48 YEARS (since I was 15 years old. I am now 63).
  3. My Social Security payments, and those of millions of other Americans, were safely tucked away in an interest bearing account for decades until you political pukes decided to raid the account and give OUR money to a bunch of zero losers in return for votes, thus bankrupting the system and turning Social Security into a Ponzi scheme that would make Bernie Madoff proud.
  4. Recently, just like Lucy & Charlie Brown, you and “your ilk” pulled the proverbial football away from millions of American seniors nearing retirement and moved the goalposts for full retirement from age 65 to age, 67. NOW, you and your “shill commission” are proposing to move the goalposts YET AGAIN.
  5. I, and millions of other Americans, have been paying into Medicare from Day One, and now “you morons” propose to change the rules of the game. Why? Because “you idiots” mismanaged other parts of the economy to such an extent that you need to steal our money from Medicare to pay the bills.
  6. I, and millions of other Americans, have been paying income taxes our entire lives, and now you propose to increase our taxes yet again. Why? Because you “incompetent bastards” spent our money so profligately that you just kept on spending even after you ran out of money. Now, you come to the American taxpayers and say you need more to pay off YOUR debt.

To add insult to injury, you label us “greedy” for calling “bullshit” to your incompetence.
Well, Captain Bullshit, I have a few questions for YOU:

  1. How much money have you received from the American taxpayers during your pathetic 50-year political career?
  2. At what age did you retire from your pathetic political career, and how much are you receiving in annual retirement benefits from the American taxpayers?
  3. How much do you pay for YOUR government provided health insurance?
  4. What cuts in YOUR retirement and healthcare benefits are you proposing in your disgusting deficit reduction proposal, or as usual, have you exempted yourself and your political cronies?

It is you, Captain Bullshit, and your political co-conspirators called Congress who are the “greedy” ones. It is you and your fellow nutcase thieves who have bankrupted America and stolen the American dream from millions of loyal, patriotic taxpayers.
And for what? Votes and your job and retirement security at our expense, you lunk-headed, leech.
That’s right, sir. You and yours have bankrupted America for the sole purpose of advancing your pathetic, political careers. You know it, we know it, and you know that we know it.
And you can take that to the bank, you miserable son of a bitch.
P.S. And stop calling Social Security benefits “entitlements.” WHAT AN INSULT!!!!
I have been paying in to the SS system for 45 years “It’s my money” – give it back to me the way the system was designed and stop patting yourself on the back like you are being generous by doling out these monthly checks.”
This comment comes from:
I am very close in age and work longevity to Patty, but I would like to add the following. In the early to mid seventies, when most businesses did not have computer systems, the company I worked for processed payroll for other companies. I made many of the tax changes. It seemed like every year for a while that the government raised the rate of the Social Security Tax. Every time I made that change I, too, was pissed. This was a contract we had no choice in and that got changed at the whim of the federal government without our consent. To add insult to further injury, along the way they upped the early retirement age without our consent from 59 1/2 to 62. Every reasonable study ever conducted indicates that the same money put in the most conservative private fund would yield an enormously higher return.
This is a paper published by the Texas Public Policy Foundation, where the author is a senior health care policy analyst. You can read the entire report at the following link:
On June 22, Senate leadership released a discussion draft of their Obamacare “repeal-and-replace” bill, the Better Care Reconciliation Act. A detailed summary of the bill is below, along with possible conservative concerns where applicable. Where provisions in the bill were also included in the reconciliation bill passed by Congress early in 2016 (H.R. 3762, text available here), differences between the two versions, if any, are noted.
Of particular note: It is unclear whether this legislative language has been fully vetted with the Senate parliamentarian. When the Senate considers budget reconciliation legislation—as it plans to do with the Obamacare “repeal-and-replace” bill—the parliamentarian advises whether provisions are budgetary in nature and can be included in the bill (which can pass with a 51-vote simple majority), and which provisions are not budgetary in nature and must be considered separately (i.e., require 60 votes to pass).
In the absence of a complete bill and Congressional Budget Office (CBO) score, it is entirely possible the parliamentarian has not fully vetted this draft—which means provisions could change substantially, or even get stricken from the bill, due to procedural concerns as the process moves forward.
The following video quotes President Trump as he speaks about saving social security and medicare.  I believe he truly wants to do this for the American people.
I believe that he seen roadblocks in front of him every step of the way by Trump haters.  I don’t see how he maintained any sanity whatsoever.

This report was requested by an IWB reader, and I appreciate the contribution of Occams and Henry Shivley at

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124 thoughts on “Social Security Is Not A Benefit. It Is A Right That One Has Paid For! Senator Calls Senior Citizens Greediest Generation. Trump Seeks To Save Social Security And Medicare.

  1. Thank you for doing more research and extending the article’s background.
    Too many yuppies and millennials thinks those on retirement benefits are ‘stealing [their] money’ – after having overpaid all their lives, where, as stated, had the money paid been in an investment fund of some kind, the ROI would actually PAY for ‘living’. It never occurs to them why 70 and 80 year olds are working at Walmart or McDonald’s.
    They’re trying to make enough to LIVE.

    • Occams you are exactly right. My Mom before she died lived on social security, and she deserved every bit of what my Daddy worked a lifetime to pay. Social security is our money….not theirs! How stupid are they?

      • The benefit to a surviving spouseis absolutely proper. The govt pays out a small amount to “borrow” money from us on Soc Security and Medicare. When both spouses die, the govt keeps that money previously borrowed and spent in the general funds arena.
        I alluded to spousal benefits if that spouse did not work-those nbenefits are concurrent with the benefits oin gto spouse that worked–in effct they get 150% benefit. Regardless, th epayuts end when both spouses die.
        now, if you have a 401k, whats left after both spouses dies is an asset belonong to their estate.
        Next; I assure you very few people understand how the dynamics of how pensions work. Most state counties and towns AND companies minumim fudn pensions–companies do it to keep earnings high-they basically have 4 methodology choices for funding
        Assunptions? Earings is a big proble and life exoectancy is a big problem. The LE for Soc Sec and Medicare is several years shorted than reality-makes a big difference and we wil see it as spending ramps up faster and more than anybody would think. (hence we have to only let seniors live to the shorter life expectancy. (sarc).
        The leaders and dumb and disingenius

        • Thank you for the information, Mickey. I do want to educate myself better, as this is the money of WE THE PEOPLE. I cannot take anymore injustice!

      • The question is not how stupid are they – but how stupid are WE? I’m amazed at what Amerikans have passively sat by and let be done to them, but smart/crafty/sick/dirty people, aka ‘politicians’ – are going to get away with with WHATEVER they’re allowed to.
        Which is just about anything and everything, these days.
        Like in California. Politicians voted themselves a General Coffer addition of a 12c gas ‘tax’, and about doubled reg’ fees.
        Most don’t even care!!! I post on Rants & Raves on Craigslist, I get personal emails to fuck off, quit whining, and the post is flagged and removed within an hour or two!???
        And they’re challenging the Right to Carry a weapon outside your home!??
        In the meantime, go after all the Constitutional violations, like ‘it can’t have a pistol grip, a magazine, a sliding/folding stock, or a ‘threaded or muzzle attachment’ – like a flash hider?
        Man. Mis-di-rected.
        “Americans are the most misled, misdirected, and therefor the most gullible people on the face of the planet” ~ Alan Hart, author

  2. The guy is more remarkably CORRUPT than MAXINE WATERS and MORE IGNORANT, the REAL reason this TRASH never READS the bills or pays the BILLS is because THEY CAN’T READ or COUNT!
    The Insider TRADING, by congress, on SECRET information stolen from the US CITIZENS is STILL GOING ON!

    • Isn’t it odd that our congress and senate critters become multi millionaires on their small salary they claim is not enough, yet the people they represent can barely make it on their meager wages and can save no money?

        • Social security was and is being used for things that it wan’t meant to be used for. It has been a cookie jar for the other government departments when ever they need money. Bill Clinton’s really syphoned millions off when he was president. People that never paid a dime into it are receiving it, Example, a drug dealer who has 10 children and never worked or paid taxes and he gets killed by police or another drug dealer. His wife will now be getting a monthly check for each child until they are of age. If social security had not been abused their wouldn’t be a bank big enough to hold all the money. Millions of single people who have worked all their lives and if they happen to die before they retire, their money stays in social security. It was abused big time people and we are suppose to suffer while they continue becoming multi millionaires.

          • Simple rule “If you don’t PAY into the SS system.. you don’t get to take anything out… and that includes “significant others” who never bothered to get married and “same sex couples”…

    • Why pay to keep it alive. Ten cents worth of lead and the problem is solved. In fact, it almost worked for the guy who attempted to snuff that repugnant congress kritter, but he, being a libtard, was a lousy shot, missed the vital organs and was killed himself.

      • Jawnee, I am warning you as of now. I do not like the implications of your post. You know what I mean. If you post here again, I will expect you to refrain from violent language. Thank you.

        • Don’t count on it. I calls ’em as I see’s ’em.
          Do I know you? I’ve only just now noticed that you seem to have comments peppered all over this post, but I don’t recall having seen you anywhere else.

          • I only engage in conversations on my reports on IWB. I would hope we can stay civil, and I have to admit I have said things I have apologized for myself. Hoping we can be friends.

          • Thank you jawnee….
            Honesty and frankness counts a HECK of a lot more than “political correctness bred of fear”…. Being honest takes courage and independence.. both qualities are in short supply in this benighted country these days.

          • It’s all good. I’m just a bit surprised that Miss Casara would so quickly and enthusiastically come to the rescue of some POS politician. You know, the lowest form of life on the planet.

    • WHO are you talking to? WHO is going to “jail this trash”.????????????????????
      I love how people talk (or type)…. as if they had the power to jail anybody!…. When was the last time the government (ANY government in the US.. municipal or federal) did anything upon request of a citizen????
      Before I was born for sure… because I have no memory of it and I was born in 1939!

  3. Sorry guys there is no rights to Social Security.
    The Social Security Program is “noncontractual,” it’s “not insurance,” the program is “insolvent” and congress can “alter or repeal” the “Social Security Program” at their whim. Flemming v. Nestor, 363 U.S. at 610-11; Richardson v. Belcher, 404 U.S. 78, 80 (1971); U.S. R.R. Ret. Bd. v. Fritz, 449 U.S. 166, 174 (1980); Califano v. Goldfarb, 430 U.S. 199, 210 (1977) (Brennan J.) (plurality opinion.)

      • No…discuss all you like….just know that Social Security has been a Ponzi scheme from the get-go and all those who are forced by law to pay into it have no actual legal right to ownership of it….As long as
        we accept these truths within the premise of the discussion….discuss away.

        • John, I am going to do an investigation into this. I want to know by law what our rights are involving social security. I want to know what immigrants are getting, compared to what we are getting. I will find out what the laws actually are. Then we will have something to go by, and then we can decide how to go forward.

          • I suggest you DO that little thing.
            Are you sure you are up for it? Real research takes time, patience and absolute commitment…
            The laws including the 1935 “Act” (social security) are convoluted to the max.. intentionally so. If you are going to understand what you are reading you will need to invest in a Black’s Law Dictionary.. I suggest that you get two of them.
            One of the latest editions (8th?) and one Black’s 5th.. Get the 5th because.the terms are eliminated as the editions are updated, and even though the term is still valid law. and can be cited. … when it is left out of the dictionary long enough, eventually it will become obsolete and the intent will be lost on the younger generations. (Think the original 13th Amend.)
            Just check out the cites that the poster provided… they are rulings (some SC), that uphold his contentions. I have read them.

          • If you have read them, and you care about your Country and the people in it, I want you to be a hero and write a piece like no other, and we will publish it. If you are pure in heart you will do that.

        • You–and people like you–need to stop with the doom and gloom and all the “truths” meant to discourage people from continuing to fight. You are not helping at all. You are standing in the way of people who need to rise up as one and take back what is supposed to be ours with your “Oh, here’s The Law and you people better be good little people and listen to the law and FEAR IT”.
          No more. NO MORE. Those people take and take and take–and they told me they were taking this and I HAD TO pay and my employer HAD TO pay. And in turn, there is a Social Contract that says they give it back when I reach a certain age.
          Is a social contract legally binding? Of course not. Can they treat it like it is? Yes, they certainly can. Do they? NO. Can they change the laws to take more from us? Yes. Have they? Yes. Were they justified in doing so? NO. THEY WERE NOT.
          So stop talking down to us like we’re a bunch of children. We are adults and we have to fight this. We cannot let the threat of The Law stop us from fighting. Their “law” on this is folly. They took your money and they need to give it back. They’re not going to do that voluntarily. You and me and everybody else are going to have to FIGHT THEM. The End.

          • melly… grow up.
            “They” are NOT GOING TO GIVE YOU back a dime. And you can’t force them to give you a dime either.
            That is fact… why you ask?
            Because while you were doing “your thing” whatever that was, “they” were busy busy busy crocheting together laws (Bills and House Resolutions) that went before the legislatures and the congress….. and after 90 days of not being challenged became “LAWS”. These laws will remain on the books and be enforced (at the barrel of a gun if necessary) until they are “repealed” by a majority of the congress etc etc.. FAT chance~!!!
            Like the seafaring man in “Gulliver’s Travels”. while you slept…. the Lilliputians have tied you down with ten thousand silk threads.. (aka Laws)…

          • You should stop talking down to others if you want to be taken seriously. You have no idea what is possible. because you’re too busy being a gloaty little Internet tool of the state, telling others what to do, how to think and how to feel. Drop dead…

      • No never sit down nor shut up. The problems I’ve noticed is we grew up with a whole lot of lies about this country. Most of the history is just a made up fairy tale.

        • I am not about history here. I’m about “that money came out of my paycheck involuntarily, and those who took it must give it back.” when I reach a certain age. I don’t disagree that we’ve been profoundly lied to. We have to wake up and fight these bastards–and we’re never going to do that with people Just Pointing Out The Law in such a way as to make us fearful of even trying.

    • by law, when the trust funds exhaust, there are automatic 27% benefits reductions in Social Sec and Medicare.
      technically the trust funds are no more anyway as the funds were taken and used to use in US general fund back in the 1990’s. -the trust funds are 100% in US treasuries, The IOU of everybodys choice.

      • Mickey, you know…I don’t care what they have fucked up….that is their problem. They had better not take what is mine, as I will not put up with it. I may be a one woman army, but I would lay down my life for what is mine.

          • I am a bad girl, and I usually do what I have to. I write for on thing…I speak my mind. Do you? I also pray. Do You? One way or another I usually get my way. Do you?

    • disqus, please come back to go over this with me….I am having a heart attack right now. My father worked like a dog in the town mill all his life to provide a good life for us, and he diligently paid his taxes, did everything required of him and died of a heart attack. My Mother lived off of his social security until her recent death.
      My husband has worked as an electrician, and he had done everything that was required of him by the law. The government has taken so much taxes from him that it almost equals what he makes. I worked several jobs, and I always did what was expected of me. I have never broken the law, not even had a ticket. So as you can see I was brought up to be a law abiding citizen.
      That money paid by my family and what my husband pays now…..IS OUR MONEY! I don’t care what any damn law says….as far as I am concerned THEY HAVE BROKEN THE LAW! I will not put up with anything of mine being taken away, robbed from me to line the pockets of those sons of bitches. If they try to take away anything that rightfully belongs to me, as I have never broken their laws, they will know my fury. I have been an activist most of my life. I have worked to save my community from developers and landslides. I was able to change laws in my County.
      I will never be robbed by those liars and evil Satanists in Washington DC. They have already reached their limit in ruining the lives of others, and I have God on my side. God has never let me down. God is Satan’s Creator, as Satan is a fallen angel, who is ruling Earth right now.
      All those evildoers in Washington have sold their souls to an entity that will use them and spit them out. In the end God will take him off the face of this earth. They may think they are all powerful now, but the day is coming when they will be flat on their asses with nowhere to go but hell.
      I will never put up with their touch on my being or what belongs to me!

      • If you bought a house you don’t own it. If you have a car you don’t own it. Are they evil yes. But you still don’t own them. Paying into SS is part of the cost of “using” [ a trust term] their SSN/TIN when you get a employment and sign the W2’s. Which goes to the general fund account. Not to the SS.
        The house is held in trust by “this state.” The car is held in most states by the DPS. It’s the papers we sign.

        • I am not going to lose it like I did before. Thank you for commenting on this thread. I am going to investigate and get back to everyone.

          • You didn’t lose it. This is how most people take it.
            Short story it’s all commerce i. e. “this state” Non-Constitutional. Agreements on all those state papers we have signed. SSN, Licenses, Bank signature card, Loan papers. Go buy a gun from a licensed dealer an one is agreeing to being a transferee.

          • Thanks for forgiving my outburst, but I went too far with my words. I know where you are coming from. Check back by here tomorrow, and I will have a report on some of this that I do not understand. If we know the laws on the books, like you seem to….we can better understand where to go from here.

          • We have to not worry about their laws. We can no longer afford it. Because the minute we fight, they’ll make more laws for us to break. So why worry?
            They are taking everything from us–this is just the beginning. Are you going to lay back and take it or are you going to fight back?

          • A frontal attack. That’s what they want. Non perspiration. They need us more then we need them.

          • I used to think that, but I no longer do. They shudder at the thought of all of us uniting against them, because then they’ll have to show off their firepower. The thing is, once they do that against their own people, it’s all over for them, too.
            Ergo, they’ll put it off as long as possible. You can always tell when
            you’re getting close enough to scare them, they ramp up the propaganda
            and bullshit tenfold.

          • I agree.. but short of getting the masses to stand together.. (a-la a knock off on the French Revolution) which is highly unlikely, we would need the expertise and chess playing ability of Vladimir Putin to resolve the imbalance that exists currently.
            Logic and deductive reasoning would dictate that “they DO need us people more than we need them”.. but as long as they can PAY hired thugs (police and military) to quell any uprising of the people, then regardless of the disparity of numbers, they hold the upper hand.
            One way or another the MONEY has to be shut down…. once that happens then all the hired thugs will “find another employer” and probably “turn or their erstwhile masters to make themselves look more palatable to the ravening masses of disgruntled people. (In other words to save their arses.)

          • Casara, have you ever magnified the line on your personal checks where you are to sign? It is where the saying ” sign on the dotted line ” comes from…

        • Yes, discus_lY…. and to quote the Supreme Court decision “All property resides in the STATE”. Which translates to no “United States citizen can “OWN” anything… ]
          The term “All property” means exactly what it says.. ALL property.
          And “no US citizen can denounce any debt of the United States”.. (which just happens to be a corporation.. not a country – “America”was a country, now it is just an obsolete term used to keep the con-job going on the patriots).

          • All property within “this state.” “This state” is not a place it’s “Commerce.” Their “Commerce” their rules, their funny money.
            Many want to make a deal with the devil then complain when they don’t like the deal.

  4. employers and employees each paid 4.8% in 1970-now its 7,65% and its not enough.
    If someone, say an immigrant enters the system age 50 and works 15 years that person receives full benefits the same as someone paying in for 45 years.
    If my spouse does not work, he or she gets an amount equal to 1/2 my soc security AND medicare-without paying in for anything
    these are the things that need to be fixed.

    • Mickey, I am really sick of this. I think we should march on Washington DC. I noticed Chaffetz is asking for a raise. I have always liked him, but no more! If he thinks he deserves a raise, so he can have a house in Washington and one in Utah, but can pass laws to take away from WE THE PEOPLE, he has lost my favor.

      • lol–you can go March on DC-I’ll do it another way-I have been communicating with my Fed and State legislators. I am overly polite but blunt, toss in some humor. I want to get their positive attention.
        I back up my comments with facts not emotions. When I get a repsonse, I find there is a good line of communication. My goal is not to create problems, my goal to to effect change.

        • Chaffitz btw, wanted a stipend to congress so somebody who is not wealthy can become a member of congress–the cost of being in Congress for a normal person is out of reach-travel, hotels and apartments are too expensive to maintain. Cheffitz has been sleeping in his office and showering in the gym.
          His family life is non existant. He may or may not capitalize on his tenure but he has sacrificed and apparently was not wealthy enuf to capitalize on insider trding .

          • I know what Chaffetz wanted, but you and I could not ask for something like that and get it. Maybe you could, but I couldn’t. Chaffetz goes from being good to bad. He does something good and positive, but then he says Trump is as bad as Obama. That is simply not true. Obama wanted to give everything the American people had to immigrants, while Trump is trying to get the illegal immigrants out of our Country and give back to the American people.

        • Mickey, would you mind if I ask you to forward me some of your correspondence with the lawmakers you mentioned, so I can add it to my new investigation? If you are making progress, you are right….that is the whole point. I applaud you. You are right…I am very emotional, and right now I am angry.

          • see-you are too emotional and missing the big picture-the big picture is the Fed govt is broke and states and cites too. There is not much that can be done now unless we are willing to go thru heavy paid to fix it and that includes everybody.
            It all depends on how much any of us actually love our country and are willing to sacrifice. It used to be a country of opportunity, Now its become a chartitable country. We thrived when people came here to start new lives and busted their butts and reaped the benefits of success. Its now all about coming here for the freebies. And its a zero sum society.
            Correspondence and documents don’t matter-leadership coems from teachign and showing how thinsghave changed for the worse and ther are no other motives. But ther are too many people here with a vested interest of the freebie society.
            What did JFK say at his inauguaration? Today he would be classified as a conservative.

          • Mickey, I am not willing to give up what my Daddy, husband, and other members of my family who have worked their fingers to the bone…not for anyone.

          • Yup. I tire of lecturers telling me I’m “emotional”. When I see scolds like that, I stop reading right then and there, and never will I take the poster seriously. Ever.

          • Apparently you still believe that you have a choice in the matter?…
            Baby cakes, “they” ARE going to take a good chunk of it… and they will take ALL of it if you make one mis-step…
            You had better start studying the law right NOW~! If you think you are going to salvage your “stuff” and keep it secure from the wolves of government(s), you’d better understand what position your enemy holds in the matter, and how to run an offensive/defensive operation.
            The enemy has the advantage, because “they” made all the rules of the game, secured them in place as law, …. then they put YOU at a profound disadvantage, because they conned/seduced/flim-flammed you into volunteering to accept a political status as a “United States citizen” whereby you have waived both natural and constitutional rights in exchange for “benefits” from government….
            You can wave your arms and holler all you want, but you are “as a presumption of law” a “U.S. citizen/person/taxpayer/resident/corporation… and until/unless that presumption is rebutted in accordance with the rules of the UCC, it STANDS AS LAW.
            Fact…. so go do your homework and learn about it for yourself.

  5. Semantics. My father-in-law died one month before becoming eligible for social security. He worked full time since age 15. His heirs did not receive a check for all the money he put into his social security savings account. It is a tax and welfare system for the elderly and orphan. And it is not solvent in the long run.

    • And if he was allowed to put it elsewhere as an investment…you all would have benefited immensely from it.

    • thats my point–pay in forever and you lose the accumulated “asset”. Other get something for nothing.
      We as a country, state, county, city, town, village are about to learn that we cannot do everything as we actually are running out of money–stewardship is horrific at all levels.
      Whats fair-If I bust my ass for my career tomade a decent living and still struggle to educatie my kids(which I did and they got good jobs/careers) and get set up for retirement, tell me extactly why I HAVE TO BY LAW support many others, many of which did not care or were happy to not bust their asses??
      I supported my mother b4 she passed, not going to medicaid. But it seems everybody wants something out of this system, benefits or lower taxes. Thats gonna kill it for all.
      We have 70 million receiving medicare (most paid in for it but not nearly enough to pay for the costs) and 75 million on medicaid. thats almost 1/2 the popu;ation and I do not need an actuary to tel me thats not sustainable.
      I did th ecalculation of payin gin for 45 years and came up with over 700k a few years back-I get that back in my gorss soc sec paymnet at 4% but forfeit it when I croak. BFD.

      • Mickey, WE THE PEOPLE, have choices, but our votes mean nothing any longer. We are shoved aside by the government Liberals and even Republicans. There are very few in either party who work for the American taxpayer at this point. We are considered slaves and peasants to them. The Liberals want to give all the funds we have worked so hard to pay for to those who won’t work, keep having babies, illegals, and those who actually seek to do us harm.
        We are so stomped on by these low-life beings. There are still Patriots in this Country besides us. I know Ron Paul, Rand Paul, and Trey Gowdy try to keep this Country honest. Other than that, I cannot think of many. The ulterior motives of these government entities are so many and so secretive, they call us conspiracy theorists if we figure it out. We are a dying breed, and I for one need to remember that above our broken dreams flies weeping angels. We must continue to pursue justice, as you said. We have to try to keep the peace until we have proven to ourselves, that will not work. I think a time is coming upon this great but troubled Country that decent Americans can no longer watch a shooting of someone going after the bad guys like child predators, be beaten up because of who we voted for, and sit and take it as our FBI protects the bad guys. Enough is enough. Right now we do not have the answer, and we have turned the other cheek time and time again. The day is coming when we will not turn that cheek…we will look our enemy in the eye as our fist turns it black and blue.

  6. When I was approaching 62 I had every intention of working until I was 65…..then came 2008 and my job disappeared due to the economy. I had no choice but to take an early retirement at 62 or STARVE and be homeless. I took a hit on my monthly check….but it was better than nothing. No one would hire an old lady of 62 for their office work as they all want eye candy to look at instead. My mother was self employed as an RN for over 50 years and still worked well into her 60’s until she had a heart attack and was forced to quit. She collected until she was 80. Both of my grandmothers collected nothing as one died at 55 and the other at 64……So I guess I’m collecting their money for them. I don’t have Medicare Part B as I cannot afford it. I just have Part A which covers virtually nothing. and I could not begin to cover the yearly deductibles either. God forbid I had to buy bozocare!!! I would just not eat anything other than water soup all month just to pay for that fiasco.

  7. I just want to apologize to all of you for losing it. Mickey is right. We must first explore the situation we are in, which I am getting ready to do. I want to see how people have stood up for their rights in this in a court of law, and many many other aspects of this situation. When I am through with my research if I still have a job here, I will have IWB post it. IWB is a very dignified and peaceful environment, and as a writer here I had no right to cuss and fuss. Please for give me.

  8. Contratulations Senator Simpson for your Greed and Hypocracy.. We will Immediately expect you to re-imburse the citizens who
    Pay your Salary, which you have not earned, including all medical benefits. The Only reason you would of course draw those is your own Greed and Thievery. so lets have it back.
    After all:
    1. you contributed nothing to earn them.
    2. There are all kinds of citizens willing to serve without salary for your position
    3. You have far too much money anyway yourself.

  9. By the way, I might add He is right in one way, Social Security is not solvent. because The Senator and his friends turned it into the Longest running PONZI Scheme in history. If the Government aka Senate would stop STEALING the Social Security funds and invest them in something like dividend paying stocks, then people would actually have the funds there. But of course a Thief like Simpson is not about to change..

  10. I am going now to do my investigative piece. I will be checking on the law which applies in this matter, and I also want to know what lawmakers advocate for WE THE PEOPLE. If we know the law and who truly cares, we will be a step ahead.

    • “Lawmakers”…. that says a lot. When did the “representatives of the people” become “Lawmakers”??? Can you say propagandizing the minds of the masses?
      Start out by assuming across the board that nobody inside the beltway “cares”… and you will be pretty safe in your guesstimate, because as George Carlin so famously said” “They have a big club… and YOU ain’t in it!!”

  11. Medicare tax is 1.45%, not 1.5%. Social Security taxes are a sore point for me as the wages subject to Social Security go up EVERY year due to indexing. Over my lifetime, myself and my employer ( me, I am self employed ) have paid in over $250,000-. With the time value of money calculated over 30 odd years, that is a lot of scratch…

  12. Casara. You’re not goin to like this but I’m pretty sure green card holders, not even citizens, can bring their parents into the USA and if they are over 65 they will receive maximum SS even though they never paid a dime into it. Also to receive SS only the last 10 quarters count. It doesn’t matter to them that I paid 105 THOUSAND dollars into SS since I started workin years ago.
    Also there is some scam where legal residents can claim disabled children in a foreign country and have a check sent there. Also, I believe I read a few times that some kind of refugees get signed up and suck out of the SS fund. It is all Cloward and Pivens designed by these Satanic Neo Bolshevik Globalist Scum to destroy this country by every and ALL ways they can possibly do.
    So please do not git yourself worked up and have a heart attack or stroke out over any of this. It is ALL G-ds plan. We, as a Nation who was blessed by G-d, have turned our back on G-d and will now receive the Wrath of a Righteous G-d. There is nothing we can do but stand up and speak Truth to Power and confront Evil. I KNOW no man, not even the SON, only the Father, knows the time of the End Times. But I fully believe they be a-commin soon!
    PS: Once THEY collapse the financial institutions and the dollar is worthless, SS will NOT matter.

    • Mac, you are the most informed and the sweetest of all men. I am not surprised. It is all a big mess that we cannot unscramble at this point. We can choose to take our stand, but it may prove to just push us further into the grip of the government. Above all, we must take the time to inform ourselves, read, and attain knowledge, which hopefully will give us wisdom. Yes, the Almighty will deal with this soon. Praise God for our faith, and for good people like you, Mac.

      • I’m just a sin laden back sliddin sorry excuse of a Christian wannabe. Almost every aspect of PoliTicks NOW can be attributed to Satan ‘s peeps working to destroy America and Western Civilization.
        So keep your cool and Speak Truth to Power and don’t flinch when THEY demand you renounce Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savor and take the Mark of the Beast. We know these Globalist Scum will NOT sit longer than 42 months in the Temple till Jesus Christ returns with ALL those who were beheaded for refusing to renounce Jesus Christ and refusing to take the Mark of the Beast.
        Also please pray for the Persecuted Church. Most people think Christians are ALL old white folk like myself. The majority of Christians around the world are people of color and are being persecuted and Martyred at a rate far exceeding Biblical times.
        PS: I would not doubt that the Mark of the Beast will be slipped in by making it mandatory to receive medical chip in your wrist. No chip no medical care. Then it will be used as a credit card then it will be mandator to be able to buy or sell!

          • These Globalist Satanic Scum are either using Revelation as a Blue Print and laughing at us religious Christians or they are pawns of Satan bringin about G-ds plan. I put my faith in the Good Book!

          • Holy cow! I never thought of that. They may very well be using Revelations as a Blue Print. That may be something to research.

          • I also like to say it’s 1984 on da Animal Farm in the Brave New World at a toasty 451* F. These books are supposed to be fiction, not a blue print for the future!
            Another one I like to say it is 1937/8 NAZI Germany in the USSA today. 1939 comes real quick!
            I tend to put my full faith in G-d and believe these Global Elites are just tools of Satan. Why would you risk the present gig THEY have when they control something like 85% of the worlds wealth only to up it to 99%. Who in their right mind want’s to control anyone else let alone EVERY ONE Else?
            Also the love affair Libs, many Jewish ones also, LOVE Islam when it is contrary to everything they believe and Islam WILL kill them ALL as soon as they have the power. I believe it is just different legions of Satan doin his bidding.
            We truly live in interesting times!

          • Mac, we are living in times that have never been seen before. Revelations was written for us as a guide for these times. Although, we are living in a time of great risk to our lives, I would not choose to be alive in any other time in history. I am a warrior spirit, as we all are on this thread…this is who we are….we are the eyes and ears of God. I believe He depends on us to be brave and speak out in His name. We are kindred spirits, and we all are meant to be here at this time communicating with one another and God.

      • I assume you heard about this one. I was wondering what happened about the follow up. Supposedly 3 people were going to Haiti and research the Pedo Ring and WHO killed this reporter. Heard NADA! Someone posted this today and asked what was the follow up. That’s why we MUST keep the pressure up on Podesta and his emails!
        Alos don’t know if you heard that the original prosecutor for the Penn State Sandusky Pedo trial was murdered and his hard drive destroyed. It most likely was a Pedo ring also for Big Time Donors and PoliTicks!

  13. Alan Simpson, is apparently unaware of the many people who never paid into the system that get benefits.. if those who paid into the system and receive benefits are greedy “according to mr simpson”, wtf does he call those who never paid into it, and are receiving benefits?
    Oh, and this from an elected official, that doesn’t actually produce a single product that anyone would ever willingly purchase.. and also take into account that these same elected officials, don’t work more than 100 days a year and STEAL FROM AMERICAN TAX PAYERS, a minimum of $170k a year.. are their non existent services worth $170k a year?? F NO!

  14. Social Security is welfare.
    You don’t stop taking out, after you get all that you have paid in.
    {and no, there is no automatic magic inflation adjustment: so if you chipped in ~$1,000 in the year 1974, how many weeks will it take for you get that back, ~2-3 weeks. So it becomes a welfare scheme rather quickly. And then the old people who get this welfare, still vote?!? No, if you are getting welfare from a certain level of government, then you don’t get to vote in that level}
    Bottom line, you were suckered into paying into a temporal Ponzi scheme; as there is no law requiring you to have a social security number, or participate in these welfare programs.

    • One small element you haven’t put into your equation.. inflation in any of its forms. and the massive devaluing of the US dollar.
      What is $1,000 in 1974 money valued at in 2017…. ??? The average annual inflation rate is 2% approx… So, 43 years times 2 equals 86…. Therefore a dollar in 1972 is worth 86 dollars today.
      Or conversely, a thousand dollars in 1974 is $86,000.00 in today’s devalued currency.
      Then figure in the interest compounded daily on that $1,000.00 for 46 years….. now what are we looking at?

  15. Senator Alan Simpson represents the Zionist Deep State Cabal Banksters Association, who are stealing retirement benefits from the workers worldwide and putting everyone into debt. All the while wrapping himself in the United States flag, while claiming to be a patriot. What a whore…
    Alan is truly an enemy of the people…. A Traitor to our country’s citizens and the world in general.
    My guess is that Alan likes Spirit soup, with all the trimmings…

  16. SS is a tax. It goes into the general fund. There is no interest bearing account with your name on it. It is also voluntary. There is no law that requires one to have a ssn to work. It was a way to suck you into the jurisdiction of the “UNITED STATES” after the bankruptsy of 1933. They needed more US citizens to service the debt. read this: Sorry folks, but you’ve been had.

  17. If anybody had taken 15% of their paycheck.. every week and put it in just about ANYTHING anywhere, (smartest would have been off-shore in a stable foreign country), and kept at it faithfully for 30 (or sometimes 40) years, even at the lowest interest rates that have prevailed for the last 40 years… averaged out and compounded over that time, that smart person would have well over 2 million US dollars at their disposal today. Likely much more…..
    They could draw the interest off the accumulated compounded money, and use it live better than they can on their comparatively small SS check.. and they would STILL have the principal untouched.
    The social security was a SCAM from the get-go… the government schemed up a plan to use your money, money that they took away from you before you ever got to see it … and the government planned it so that they never paid you a dime of interest on that confiscated money… they got to use it FREE!
    …… and when the fat lady sings, the over all average of the people in the US who retire, (counting in the ones who die shortly after retirement from the years of work combined with the toxic GMO food, the chem-trails they are forced to breathe… and the tender ministrations of Big Pharma and the ignorant featherbedding doctors who prescribe MORE poison to “cure them”) .. the people will never even get back the principal that they paid in, much less “the insurance money” they were promised.
    Yeah, Goldman Sachs would be PROUD of that deal.. it was sharp~!! Oh, I forgot, The Donald has installed “The Best of Sachs” into the white house now… they will take care of those yummy gummy gullible taxpayers … indeed they will~!

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