If ever there were words meant to be eated, it has to be these by Yellen:

by Chris

Another financial crisis like 2008 is not likely “in our lifetime.”

Clearly…things are very different now!

Continuing on to provide future fodder for economic bloggers:

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Yellen said the Fed has learned lessons over the years, not merely since the financial crisis but through much of the late 20th and early 21st centuries about risk and the Fed’s need to be vigilant against more permissive economic and monetary policies that prevailed.

Say what??  The Fed has learned to be vigilant against more permissive economic and monetary policies.  [insert short movie of a group of people laughing uproariously here]
Replace the word ‘against’ with the phrase ‘in providing’ and that sentence checks out just fine.
Good grief, this is all just a bit frustrating at this point…how can she get away with saying the things she says without being severely rebuked and requestioned by the interviewer?


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