Are You a Domestic Terrorist?

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The illegitimate Biden regime seems to be ready and willing to squash any form of  dissent. To do so, it has everything on its side: mass media, social media, Big Tech, corporations, the army, the police and anywhere between 30 to 50 percent of the population.

Anybody who protests November 6 election fraud, mass immigration, covid lockdowns, sexual degeneracy or whatever SJW dogma is viewed as a dissident in 2021 Amerika; and dissidents are currently labeled as domestic terrorists by the new regime in DC.

The big question is: are you a domestic terrorist? Well, if you voted for Donald Trump, you’re white and male, you most probably are.

It looks like they’re going to press the pedal to the metal on the domestic terrorism hysteria soon, and they are already talking about regulating crypto

3 Key Takeaways From House Hearing on Crypto and Domestic Terrorism

Experts spoke to the House Financial Services Committee about how domestic terrorist groups are funded. Crypto was a hot topic.

The House Financial Services Committee had a hearing this morning entitled “Dollars against Democracy”—a comprehensive look at how domestic terrorist organizations get their funding—and cryptocurrency was front of mind.

Last month, crypto research company Chainalysis determined that some of the white nationalists and far-right extremists involved in the Capitol riot received large amounts of cryptocurrency in the weeks leading up to the attack. Today’s hearing was, in part, an attempt to learn more about what Rep. Stephen Lynch (MA-8) called a “double-edged sword”—the idea that cryptocurrencies can be both genuinely useful financial instruments and dangerous tools for terrorists and money launderers.

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What comes next, nobody knows. Soon Alexei Navalny will be the only white man in the world allowed to criticize immigration without the EU and Washington putting a bounty on his head.

Joe Biden is a senile old man. The people who will be running this new red terror are “kosher” jackals like Merrick Garland, Alejandro Mayorkas, and Daniel Glaser. 8 out 10 top donors in the 2020 presidential election were Jewish by the way.

America doesn’t work for anyone else because, frankly, we don’t have any chips on the table. These people do not believe you have a right to disagree or criticize their group. They don’t think you have a right to advocate for your political position. They don’t even think you have a right to live. They have the most advanced police state in human history to use however they want. 

Don’t let conservative controlled opposition fool you into believing 80 year old Joe Biden is doing anything but sleeping all day. Violent zionist fanatics are running everything in Washington, and they’re itching to put Noel Ignatiev’s words into practice.

The only reason they haven’t deplatformed us from using cash is because they can’t. 

Bitcoin is vital for dissidents in the short term, but in the long term, its publicly available transaction records are a privacy and political nightmare. 

As the pink police state gets more tech savvy, don’t be surprised if cash gets phased out and CIA funded antifa “journalists” at Bellingcat start deplatforming you from buying groceries because you misgendered someone on Twitter.

PS: The Biden administration is launching missiles at “Iran backed” forces in Syria. No matter who the president is, the Zionists permanently in charge of our foreign policy don’t change.


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