Are You Ready for Your State Mandated Brain Implant?

Brain implants are now a reality. How long will it be before you’re ordered to have one to correct thought crime?


Why you’re probably getting a microchip implant someday

From The Atlantic:

When Patrick McMullan first heard in early 2017 that thousands of Swedish citizens were unlocking their car doors and turning on coffee machines with a wave of their palm, he wasn’t too impressed. Sure, the technology – a millimeters-long microchip equipped with near-field communication capabilities and lodged just under the skin – had a niche, cutting-edge appeal, but in practical terms, a fob or passcode would work just as well.

McMullan, a 20-year veteran of the tech industry, wanted to do one better – to find a use for implantable microchips that was genuinely functional, not just abstractly nifty. In July 2017, news cameras watched as more than 50 employees at Three Square Market, the vending-solutions company where McMullan is president, voluntarily received chip implants of their own. Rather than a simple scan-to-function process like most of Sweden’s chips use, the chips and readers around Three Square Market’s River Falls, Wisconsin, office were all part of a multistage feedback network. For example: Your chip could grant you access to your computer – but only if it had already unlocked the front door for you that day. “Now,” McMullan says of last summer, “I’ve actually done something that enhances our network security.”

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