ARGENTINA has just BANNED MEAT EXPORTS. Top 5 world exporter govt desperated with higher international prices plus local big inflation!

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this is it.

I read that they were probing us and the world we should eat plant based food since cow farts are harming the environment

this is the land of true barbecuers.

we are a meat exporter nation in its origins

we can see brick BARBECUES in almost 60% of houses in the buenos aires subskirts
this a land of grillers!

so local socialist government…as usual banned corn exports last year for a while and now they are banning meat exports for 30 days

thanks KLAUS! and sociliast. you should need to stop eating so we can “protect the environment” and maybe we should pay some carbon taxes to international multilateral orgs voted by nobody so they can funnel that money for their globalist ideas

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our government is very leftist and kept leftist.
since 2003 with a differnet party in the middle “right wing” who were also leftisting but market friendly and took us too much debt and left.

so we are screwed.

they are planning to take us back to more and more lockdowns after a full year of lockdowns non stop


Argentina bans meat exports for 30 days in an attempt to curb inflation
The Argentine government of President Alberto Fernández has announced all meat exports will be banned for the next 30 days in an attempt to slow down inflation as domestic prices went up 20% owing to foreign demand.

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The Ministry of Productive Development has briefed the Consortium of Argentine Meat Exporters (ABC) on the decision to ABC President Mario Ravettino, who was summoned to the Casa Rosada Monday.

Although the suspension will be for 30 days, Ministry sources have leaked it will rather last “until the domestic market is in order,” according to local media.

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