Argentina Is Collapsing, Peso Plunges More Than 30% Against Us Dollar In Early Market

by panish_guy

Piotr Janiszewski
Argentina Peso – New Circle of F/X Hell…

USD/ARS 58.5000 +29.29%

All Time High 62.00

that’s why

even Dante didn’ t create Hell like Argentinian Inferno…

The country is on the verge of default again. The right-wing president didn’t succeed in reversing the collapse of the economy and people have voted again for the extreme left. As a result, the Peso is plunging 30% against US dollar, and panic is spreading in Argentina.

The situation could evolve into civil unrest and bank runs.

Remember Parravicini (the guy who prophesied the 9/11 attacks) said that Argentina was going to suffer an economic storm – and this economic and social storm will set an example of what will be expected next in the rest of the world afterwards.



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