Arizona commits $ billions to emergency new water measures (pipeline to Midwest!)

Just when it seemed about time to play taps, looks like some things are stirring. They’re stitching together a plan as fast as they can, using what’s described as “an obscure agency” which will be supervised by a now-non-existent board of directors. Woo-hoo, as they say.

Part of the plan is a pipeline to the Midwest. They are not mentioning the Mississippi River at this point (Kansas-to-Colorado-to-Arizona is what they are saying now), but we’ll see.

Besides the pipeline and several in-state measures, Governor Ducey is pushing for a $5billion desalination plant in an arrangement with Mexico.

They heard that the (Fed) sheriff is coming to town and that he is bringing rope.

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(The last statement is a reference to the 60-day period recently issued by D.C. for the SW states to puttogether a water plan or it will be done by the Feds)

h/t GreatWhiteDope


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