ARIZONA has joined Texas in sending “MIGRANTS” to Washington, DC and New York!

More than six dozen busloads of migrants from Arizona and Texas have arrived in Washington, DC, this spring, as the border states attempt to curb a massive influx of migrant crossings along the Mexico border, according to a new report.

More than 2,500 people released from Border Patrol custody have voluntarily traveled to the nation’s capital on 79 state-provided buses, officials confirmed to the Washington Examiner this week.

Of the 79 buses, 65 of them — carrying more than 2,000 people — started their journey from Texas, where Gov. Greg Abbott began the program in April.


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Thousands of migrants have been arriving on buses sent by the governors of Texas and Arizona. Many have ended up in homeless shelters and on the streets.

It’s so much fun watching leftists squirm when you expose them for the hypocrites they are!

h/t FeedYourHead


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