Article 13 Passed – 90% of memes now a criminal offense in EU

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Good video here – “A hellhole of censorship”…”the EU are dressing this up as a copyright issue”

“Censorship Machines”

“This whole proposal has wide implications for virtually everything on the internet. If you make a funny video at the club, that music in the background is a copyright violation. Repurpose an image for a meme and suddenly you’re violating copyright. Take a selfie while wearing a Metallica shirt and you could see it vanish before it hits Instagram. Say goodbye to mashups, remixes, and fan fiction because fair use would be a thing of the past. In this mess of copyright-filtering dystopia, if the algorithm picks up that one sampled snippet of music that’s part of your rich original tapestry, it can be taken down until a dispute is resolved—if a dispute is resolved at all. J.K. Rowling may have registered her ownership of Harry Potter on the database, and your Hogwarts slash fic has to go. Reda even pointed out that some countries don’t allow people to photograph public buildings because of image rights that are extended to architects.”

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EU passes law that makes Memes illegal

European parliamentarians have passed a controversial overhaul of copyright law that could force tech giants to install filters that prevent copyright-protected content from being uploaded.

The copyright reform was passed with 438 votes in favor, 226 against and 39 abstentions.

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But critics say such a law would normalize censorship and restrict internet freedom, preventing users from being able to post content ranging from memes to links to articles from news outlets.

The controversy mainly surrounds two sections of the law — Articles 11 and 13.

Meanwhile, Article 13 calls for “effective content recognition” technology to filter out copyright-protected content. Detractors hold that this part of the law could threaten social media users’ ability to share anything from internet memes to snippets of music and film

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