WHO article for doctors explains in full detail the symptoms and how to treat patients with the new Coronavirus. [10 page PDF]

by mark000 www.who.int/docs/default-source/coronaviruse/clinical-management-of-novel-cov.pdf?sfvrsn=bc7da517_2 Remarks: nCoV may present with mild,moderate, or severe illness; the latter includes severe pneumonia, ARDS, sepsis and septic shock. Early recognition of suspected patients allows for timely initiation of IPC … Read more

This article perfectly shows how Uber and Lyft are taking advantage of drivers that don’t understand the real costs of the business.

by theVoxFortis I happened upon this article about a driver talking about how much he makes driving for Uber and Lyft: www.businessinsider.com/uber-lyft-driver-how-much-money-2019-10#when-it-was-all-said-and-done-i-ended-the-week-making-25734-in-a-little-less-than-14-hours-on-the-job-8 In short, he says he made $257 over 13.75 … Read more