Article on Victorian Children from 2017 reveals why Elites crave poverty and degeneracy.

Harrowing images of a 10-year-old prostitute holding her baby bump, orphans living in appalling squalor and child beggars pleading with old men for money capture the devastating life of a Victorian youngster.

More than 100 years ago street children were found in abundance living in alleyways or side streets. Many were orphans but others were from neglectful, alcoholic families where abuse was the norm.

Faced with the choice of living in these conditions or the danger of the street, some children chose the latter. Many of these children fell prey to prostitution – at a time when the age of consent was just 12 – and begging to support themselves.

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This why they want the Middle Class destroyed. Why they want the family destroyed with vice and constant work. It give them access to their targets.

I was watching a historical video on Jack London in the East End and they were talking about sweat shops and prostitution including child prostitution. It occurred to me how much like that time and this time have similarities. I did five minutes of research and found the article above.

In details the horrors of what is to come because of the Texas Border Crisis. Prayers.



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