Articles Of Impeachment Filed Against Failed Joe Biden…

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Representative Majorie Taylor Greene announced tonight on a special edition of War Room, that she has filed Articles Of Impeachment against Joe Biden and for good reason.

Last Major City in Northern Afghanistan Falls to Taliban While Joe Biden Vacations at Camp David

As part of “Biden’s Worst Week as President Yet,” the president left Washington, D.C. on Thursday for Delaware, and then headed to Camp David. America’s suffering one of its worst foreign policy defeats in history and definitely worst in the lifetime of millennials and on down.…and all we …

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White House Posts Embarrassing Pic Of Joe As Afghanistan Falls to Taliban

He hasn’t said a word and will be on vacation through Wednesday. Stunning dereliction of duty only a week after a premeditated attack on the Constitution and open acknowledgment he’s going to ignore SCOTUS. We are just seven months in.

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