Artificial Intelligence Is Powering Worldwide Tech Bubble

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by FS

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St interviews first time guest, Webmaster, Senior Editor, & Co-Host of the FS Insider podcast at Financial Sense, Cris Sheridan, to discuss the unfolding tech bubble 2.0 led by developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

First, before Jason asks Cris about the technology and recent innovations in the AI industry, Jason asks Cris for a definition of artificial intelligence.

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Cris gives a different definition of AI than what’s popularly conceived by the public following his years of research and interviews with AI experts on his FS Insider podcast.

Jason and Cris also discuss the arms race involving entire countries and their militaries regarding quantum computing, AI, robotics, and other leading technologies.

Cris talks about how AI is being combined with other technologies like Big Data to help AI learn faster.

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Most of the largest technology companies all have research and development (R&D) budgets for AI in the billions of dollars per year.

To wrap up the interview, Jason and Cris discuss how there’s no great pure-play investments on AI outside the big tech stocks and then finish on whether AI will create or destroy jobs.


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