As a cable cutter, the current state of movie/TV streaming is the biggest technological step-back of the last decade. Cable’s main problem is price and too many commercials…but now with so many platforms, streaming is expensive, over-complicated, and tedious.

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by DontMicrowaveCats

I have not had regular cable for at least good 6 years now, and while I definitely don’t miss dealing with Comcast’s bullshit, it was objectively

I just tried to watch the new Matrix. I had to first Google even which platform I could watch it on. Since I don’t have HBO Max, I went to Amazon Prime to see if I could get it as an add on….couldn’t find it. Apparently HBO Max is no longer available as an add on. So now I have to download the HBO Max app, buy an entire subscription, then Chrome Cast it to my TV. But of course my Chrome Cast is acting up so I need to get a laptop, log in and and plug it in via HDMI.

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One movie and I need a $14.99 subscription and about a half hour of fucking around trying to even get access to it . I’d much rather just rent the movie outright for that.

This same situation has played out countless times in recent years. Jumping between platforms. Scrambling to figure out how to watch something. Constantly signing up for trials and subscriptions to watch one thing. Missing shows or movies because it’s too much hassle

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Regular cable is horrible because its focused around paying too much for a bunch of channels you don’t need…then having to sit through hours of commercials.

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But even back in the mid 2000s “On Demand” was better than this. One interface to search everything. I could easily add premium channels or remove them (and they weren’t that expensive). And PPV movies were pretty straightforward.

Now with so many streaming services I’m not even saving much money, and it’s 10x more annoying.

The problem is only getting worse as everyone is now trying to have their own streaming platform. It’s fucking horrible. I just want one interface, one browsing one platform, add and remove services at will.

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