As Bernie now looks unstoppable, liberal plutocrats and their DNC proxies are left with only one option: an unholy alliance with Trump

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The liberal plutocrats are in a very difficult position. As Bernie Sanders and the progressive movement are ready to take over the Democratic party, they are facing a political extinction. It seems that the only option for them at the moment, is to make an unholy alliance with their capitalist rivals and accept another Trump term. This will allow them to buy some time. It is highly probable that they will gamble big by letting Bernie win the primaries (they can’t do much to stop him anyway), and put all their energy to make him lose the presidential election. Another Trump victory will be promoted as Bernie’s failure to beat the current US president and will be used to crush the progressive movement.



It says something — something bad — about the Democratic primary that the safest attack on Bernie isn’t that he’s a commie, but that he actually supported something that’s in the Constitution.

UPDATE: Can we hope for some Mutual Assured Destruction here?

I love the irony of the NRA wrecking two Dem candidacies . . .


h/t failed_evolution & GR


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