As Gomer Pyle would say, “SURPRISE, SURPRISE, SURPRISE… Latest Impeachment Poll-RIGGED!

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A new Pew Research poll that claims 54 percent of registered voters support the impeachment of President Donald Trump is stacked with Democrat respondents, according to a review of its methodology by Newsmax.

But the methodology behind the poll appears to have stacked it in favor of achieving a pro-Democratic outcome.

Buried in the survey results is the fact that of the 3,487 respondents, 1,942 are Democrats or are Democratic leaning while 1,453 are Republicans or Republican leaning. That means 56 percent of those polled were Democrats compared to 42 percent who identified as Republicans — a 14 percent margin favoring Democrats.

The real irony in all of this is that no matter how many times the leftist media LIE to it’s base they just continue to buy their crap..they can’t even tell their base the truth about their polls.



0% of these people were polled about impeachment. 20% of this crowd were Democrats. 12% had not voted in last 4 presidential elections. 20,000 Inside; 30,000 Outside, 110,000 Tried To Come! New Stadium Record! Its unbelievable just like the fake polls.

this will be the game changer



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