As MSNBC Reports on Wall Construction, Illegal Aliens Scale Border Fence (VIDEO)

by Chris Black

In a very ironic plot twist, MSNBC’s viewers-of which most are probably disagreeing with President Trump’s “big, beautiful” border wall all along the Mexico border- were given a real-life lesson on the utility of a strong border wall, as a number of illegal aliens were seen jumping the border fence in the close vicinity of San Diego right in the middle of MSNBC’s reportage on President Donald Trump’s wall construction.
MSNCB’s reporter Jacob Soboroff was pretty shocked to see a bunch of people crossing the border illegally, as US Border Patrol rushed in and apprehended the illegal immigrants, which are nicely and very politically correct described in the reportage as asylum seekersnot from Mexicosurrendering themselves to border patrol agents on horseback.
The reporter is then schooled by a border patrol agent on the, let me quote, “reality of everyday border enforcement”, i.e. these types of things are a common occurrence on the Southern border and President Trump’s core campaign promise (the building of a big beautiful wall all along the Mexico border) resonates in a big way with law enforcement agents on the ground and especially with border patrol, who by the way endorsed the Donald during the 2016 election cycle.
As we speak, in the phase 1 of the project, 8 border-wall prototypes are currently being tested/constructed by private contractors near San Diego, with the whole operation being supervised by Custom and Border Protection. Regarding the problem of border jumpers trying to climb the wall, Customs and Border Patrol believes that a thirty-foot high border wall will make illegal border crossings quasi-impossible. To put things into perspective, the current metal-mesh (which makes it very easy to climb) fence near San Diego is half that size.
A thirty foot high concrete/solid border wall is aimed at making a very clear statement to criminal aliens: stay away. As per a report from AZ Central quoting the division chief for the San Diego Border Patrol:
“The 30 feet is very impressive. What we’re trying to accomplish is by putting tactical infrastructure on the border, by having all-weather roads, by putting Border Patrol agents on the immediate border is the deterrence.”
Life is stranger than fiction, right? Here’s the video:

The importance of building the right sort of fence, right there. We saw it with our own eyes. Thank you, President Trump for building the wall!
Besides the wall, it must be said that more sensors, more cameras, more drones and generally speaking, more boots on the ground (including dogs) are required in order to properly secure the southern border.
Also, if it wasn’t for the failing left-wing policies courtesy of the Federal Government, things like food stamps/welfare, free (taxpayers pay for all the free stuff by the way, there’s no such thing as free stuff) education and emergency medical care available for illegal aliens, we wouldn’t be confronted with these issues in the first place.

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  1. You literally cannot make this stuff up. The doublespeak Newspeak Marxist MSM cannot even hide what has been transparently obvious for decades. This incipient reporter then goes on to interview Mexicans about their opinions. If it wasn’t so vile, you would think it was a joke.


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