As Russiagate Morphs Into Obamagate, The Democrat Party Enters Civil War


Forget about Fox News and MSNBC. The really interesting stuff is happening outside the echo chambers, as far-left journalists declare war on the corporatist wing of the Democrat party.

Among their beefs: The obsessive focus of the past three years on Russiagate and then Ukrainegate drained all the progressive energy that would otherwise have gone towards opposing Trump on policy. And now that those wrong turns have been proven to be not just false today but known to have been false before the investigations even started, Trump has an energized base and copious material for attack ads and high-profile investigations heading into his re-election campaign.

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The next two videos feature legitimate journalists who tower over anyone now on MSNBC, and should enrage everyone, right, left or center, who values the rule of law.

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It’s hard to imagine the progressive and corporatist wings of the Democrat party coexisting after the next election, regardless of who wins. So get ready for a divorce that produces an American Socialist Party and a centrist party populated by the Clintons, Bidens and Obamas.