As the Left’s social revolution wins victories, a revolt begins

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by Fabius Maximus 
Summary: As the Left’s social revolution gains momentum, a counter-revolution brews unseen in America’s back alleys where the wise and great do not go. We can only guess at the results.

“It’s called being female, this strange creature, covered in hair, pinioned between morality and hormones, governed by two brains, one above and one below. We can and should be restrained, tamed, kept under control.”
— “#MeToo and the Taboo Topic of Nature” at New York Magazine.

"The tree of crows" by Caspar David Friedrich (1822).
“The tree of crows” by Caspar David Friedrich (1822). Wikimedia Commons.

As the above quote shows, sexism is again trendy on the Left. It is by Andrew Sullivan, in which I replaced “male” with “female” (ignore the political labels given by the media; no conservative would write those words). He sees what is coming.
“But nature will not be eradicated. And when left-feminism denies nature’s power, ignores testosterone, and sees all this behavior as a function entirely of structural patriarchal oppression, it is going to overreach. …If most men are told that what they are deep down is, in fact, ‘problematic’ if not “toxic,” they are going to get defensive … they are going to react. So, by the way, are the countless women who do not see this kind of masculinity as toxic, who want men to be different, who are, in fact, deeply attracted to the core aggression of the human male, and contemptuous of the latest orthodoxy from Brooklyn.
“And men, especially young men in this environment, will begin to ask questions about why they are now routinely seen as a ‘problem,’ and why their sex lives are now fair game for any journalist. And because our dialogue is now so constrained, and the fact of natural sexual differences so actively suppressed by the academy and the mainstream media, they will find the truths about nature in other contexts. They will stumble across alt-right websites that deploy these truths …
“Suppress debate, ban ideas from civil conversation, and you won’t abolish these ideas. You will hand them to the worst bigots and give them credibility.”
Much of America has decided to demonize its young men rather than socialize them (this is madness), making them into the “other” — suspected as inherently evil, marginalized, derided. Many have become wayfarers. Only the military and alt-Right welcome them. Sullivan uses the future tense to describe the counter-revolution, but it has already begun.
Websites that discussed how young men can use “Game” to score have become political (e.g., Chateau Heartiste – see Wikipedia), mirroring the evolution of feminist websites a generation ago. Alt-right men’s groups like the Proud Boys recruit young men alienated from a society that tells them their masculinity is toxic. The /pol/ board on 4chan has become one of the West’s centers of creativity, with a far-right slant. 4chan-ites call themselves “anons” and describe 4chan as “weaponized autism.
Social scientists, good Leftists all (after generations of purging dissidents), are incapable of seeing this, hence the paucity of research about this phenomenon. But as the counter-revolution slowly grows signs of it leak into even the most conventional studies. Such as “Trending Towards Traditionalism? Changes in Youths’ Gender Ideology” by Joanna Pepin and David Cotter at the Council on Contemporary Families. They show data from the Monitoring the Future project, an annual survey of approximately 50,000 8th, 10th and 12th grade students.
“But a very different and surprising trend is evident in attitudes about gender dynamics in families. After becoming more egalitarian for almost twenty years, high school seniors’ thinking about a husband’s authority and divisions of labor at home has since become substantially more traditional.

  • In 1976, when they were asked whether “it is usually better for everyone involved if the man is the achiever outside the home and the woman takes care of the home and family,” fewer than 30% of high school seniors disagreed.
  • By 1994, disagreement with the claim that the male breadwinner–female homemaker family is the best household arrangement had almost doubled, rising to 58%.
  • By 2014, however, it had fallen back to 42% — a decline of 16 percentage points since its peak in 1994.
  • In 1976, a majority of high school seniors (59%) disagreed with the statement that “the husband should make all the important decisions in the family.” This rose to 71% by 1994 but fell back to 63% by 2014.”

Young People's Attitudes about Gender in Families
The authors’ engage in befuddled guessing about the reasons this. They have stumbled over what might be the small start of a revolution, but do not recognize it.

How did we get here?

“Forty years ago, the Left’s fondest hope was that the sexual outlaws of stage and screen would wreck bourgeois sexual propriety beyond repair. The radicals got their wish, to a great extent. But their cultural heirs are not happy with the results …”
— “So many abusers among the liberated” by Kevin D. Williamson describes the sexual revolution and meToo at National Review. He points to the seldom-mentioned fact that a large fraction of prominent #meToo targets are from sectors dominated by the Left.
Max Weber believed that “(c)alculating reason would end up in dried-up, heartless and soulless administration of things without community-forming and sustaining values; feeling would lead to selfish indulgence in superficial pleasures; political commitment would likely foster fanaticism, and it was questionable whether there was enough value-positing energy left in man.” (From Allan Bloom’s Closing of the American Mind.)
For generations the Left has mindlessly chipped away at the foundations of American society. Now they have penetrated, collapsing the structure and revealing the abyss below. It is a void swirling with unnamed energies, untapped ideas. Nietzsche foresaw this moment.
“But in the present exhaustion of the old values, men must be brought to the abyss, terrified by their danger and nauseated by what could become of them, in order to make them aware of their responsibility for their fate. They must turn within themselves and reconstitute the conditions of their creativity in order to generate values.” (Bloom, ibid.)
The “Transvaluation” has begun, Nietzsche’s term for the revaluation of all values. Leftists have confidence that their revolution has entered the breakout phase, their glory days. Conservatives expect a counter-revolution that will put the cultural toothpaste back in the tube.
I predict that they are both wrong. From their academic fortresses, Leftists have emerged with abstruse theories to remake America. They have shattered the identities of many young men – drugged with Ritalin or other drugs during adolescence, devalued, alienated, tossed into a world in which they see little future in work or family. America’s bogus educational system and its spiritual impoverishment gives them no way to understand or respond. As individuals they retreat to their fatums, their inarticulate self — their core bios. This compels pack formation. Successful packs have a shaman, who gives the pack its values.
None can predict how this process will evolve, other than to say “expect the unexpected.” There are historical precedents beyond counting. Some very good. Some horrifically bad. We will choose our own path, each of us voting by the way we live our lives.


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  1. The right would like to blame the left for the nation’s problems, but we have been under a fascist right wing government since 1963. The left was exterminated by the right from the 60’s onward and now we have this charade of duality that does not stand up to inspection. The right sucks and will take responsibility for the destruction of this country through rabid militarism.

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