As the tide turns a little, new Tsunamis loom at the horizon

by John Ward 

Signs of some corners of the British MSM more openly asking questions about the vaccine drivel are still outweighed by a contagion of State madness

In its weekend edition, French title Le Monde led the front page with ‘Covid19: Europe faces a resurgence in the epidemic’. On examination of the trailer paras beneath the header, however, it’s not a new wave of deaths, more a collection of increasingly fascist, unnecessary, and proven ineffective State reactions to cases – which, given the efficacy of PCR tests, are probably overstated by 35%. The five points beneath the header talk of the lockdown for every Austrian without three shots, the continuing resistance of Germans and Russian to the vaccines, disquieting levels of infection in Central Europe and the partial lockdown re-established in Holland.

During and after this entirely predictable attempt to skate over the thin ice of unreality, Austria went ahead with its Yellow-Star treatment of the 1in8 and began open discussion of mandatory jabs for all; while yesterday, long-trusted sources in Berlin were “certain” that Germany would follow with vaxxophobic lockdown within days. As I write today, the Czechs are off down the same road.

Pause in your heads for a second, and get your mind around what mandatory really means:

The artists’ impression to your left is what it means: it means pinning people down and administering a lethal injection into somebody who chooses freedom and bodily liberty over whoring with a totalitarian State. It means murderous rape. Everyone who carries out such a heinous action will be compared to the people who drove the trains to Sachsenhausen, told Auschwitz arrivals to join “the queue for the showers”, briefed German chemical companies to submit quotes for poison gas, and worked at I G Farben on the winning ZyklonB formulation. Look away if you want. Dismiss me as a conspiratorial, alarmist paranoiac if you like. Hide behind holocaust denial if that helps you sleep. But this is what we’re looking at.

In that context, it was good to see the Daily Telegraph pointing out the increase in unusual deaths since the various vaccination roll-outs; but all this piece really did was talk about NHS neglect of more important illnesses than Covi19: it didn’t address the growing numbers of youngsters dropping dead during sport, having strokes, developing blood clots. Figures for that are tightly under lock and key….with browser platforms and search engines evading whatever one types into to their dinky little panels.

Everything is designed to be confusing – regardless of which narrative the oddballs are churning out at any given time…

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This (left) was the one thing I laughed at all day. Maybe he was experimenting with putting a bomb in the cake at some poor bugger’s wedding, maybe he was gay, maybe he was a double agent secretly working for the Iranian Culinary Army. The Times said he had converted to Christianity, the Mail that he’d been planning the attack ‘for months’, his landlady thought he was ever so nice. But nobody went after MI6 and asked how he arrived here, why he was roaming about free to buy bomb parts and whenTF the Johnson clique is going to get to grips with boatloads of unvetted people coming to Britain because the French are offering them free passages.

But this is the one (Daily Mail) that – at last – has got our 600+ worthy legislators (at last) into a lather about something: as usual it involves any threat to the continued lining of their pockets with bogus expense claims, self-awarded pay rises, residence fiddles and consultancies. As a good 85% of all the MPs I’ve had the misfortune to deal with are bombastic amateurs, it is (let’s face it) pretty clear that it’s their souls that are for sale, not their brains. Equally, I’m fairly sure most Brits realise this. And finally, I’m absolutely certain they are – up to and including Boris – irrelevant to what’s going on. (What follows is pure reality: Remainers, the treble-jabbed and all MSM hacks should look away now)

At the last count (and perhaps the ‘o’ is silent) I had collected some seven “reasons” why we have energy inflation, and to my mind none get even close to adding up. COP26’s cunning plan on how to deal with the reality of it, of course, has been to ditch anything that might make it cheaper and switch to everything that’s unreliable and far more expensive. I am not a mindless cynic about ecological threats to our survival, but the only two that impress me are scarcity of drinking water and ozone holes. The rest of the stuff discussed in Glasgow last week is modelled, muddled and mendacious poppycock designed for a world in which there are circa 780,000 human beings, and Klaus Schwab. You may now join up the dots.

What I can tell you without much fear of contradiction is that – during a frighteningly brief period – the UK State emphasises that the rate of inflation (this is the inflation that, back in March, the US Fed’s Jerome Powell dismissed as “transitory” – a word up there with “mandatory” for blind spin) has leapt from 3.1 to 4.2%.

France says its inflation rate is less, but that’s Boy King tosh: being a sad fuck about such things, I keep a running monthly score on prices here. Forgive the bourgeois bias of the items chosen, but since November 2020 the price of a magret of duck is up 30%, smoked salmon 11%, Basque cheeses 17%, red wine around the €5-6 level 8%, Portuguese Rochas pears 8%, paraffin heating fuel 23%, pool chlorine 15%, a whole free-range chicken 8% and diesel petrol 12%.

Only beer, bread and potatoes have retained their cost year on year. Bread and circuses, as the Roman phrase had it.

Hyperinflation is coming, and this is exactly what the 0.001% need as the excuse to digitalise and devalue our material worth…and then repossess the property assets we can no longer afford to heat and maintain.

So yes, for we the 1in8 it is an ironic case of little and large. Please don’t shoot the piano player: my aim is not to spread the ‘Prepare to Meet thy Doom’ message….on the contrary. This is all I want to say: we can either roll over, create lots of echo-chambers and point out the insanity: or we can accept their rules and use their ball to score goals. There’s no need for violence – just money put behind organisation, discomfiting the privileged, courting élite defectors and seeking tecchie solutions to their digital dystopia.




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