Asians in San Francisco Stocking up on Guns to combat Gang Violence

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Members of the Chinese community in San Francisco are reportedly promoting gun ownership as fears of crimes targeting Chinese locals escalate.

In recent months, local Chinese news media reported a number of horrifying crimes, such as the kidnapping and rape of a 74-year-old woman, as well as the beating and robbery of the 56-year-old chairman of the Wong Family Benevolent Association.


“If the police [are] not able to enforce the law, if the victims are not protected and we have been victimized, again and again, and again, it’s about time for us to unify and see how we can protect themselves,” Sunset District resident Wendy Wong told the San Francisco Examiner.

Wong, 32, is part of the Coalition for Good Neighborhoods, which have been organizing gun education meetings for the Chinese community in the city.

Wong, who has already hosted one such meeting, claimed that at least 200 people on her WeChat group have expressed interest in gun ownership.

She pointed out that is not a “pro-gun” person at all, but the recent attacks “paralyzed” the Chinese community with fear.

In May, a 74-year-old woman in the Crocker-Amazon district was grabbed and dragged to a man’s home, where she was attacked by a pit bull, held captive for five hours and repeatedly raped before being left semi-conscious on the sidewalk, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Then, last month, Walter Wong, a longtime business owner in Chinatown, was beaten in broad daylight before being robbed of his watch and left unconscious, according to KTVU.


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