Assange predicts Catalonia independence referendum could spark CIVILWAR in Spain/Police ordered to seize ballot boxes ahead of Catalonia vote

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Assange predicts Catalonia independence referendum could spark CIVIL WAR in Spain
WIKILEAKS founder Julian Assange believes the upcoming Catalonia independence referendum will create “a new 7.5 million nation or civil war” as around one million pro-separatists marched through the streets of Barcelona in support of succession from Spain.
Read this earlier an made a mental note.
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Police ordered to seize ballot boxes ahead of Catalonia vote
Barcelona (AFP) – Prosecutors in Catalonia on Tuesday ordered police to seize ballot boxes, election flyers and any other item that could be used in a banned independence referendum called by the Spanish region’s separatist executive.
Spain just transported themselves back to the 1930’s.
Spain tries to BLOCK Catalan referendum: Madrid moves to control spending on ‘illegal act’
THE Spanish government has moved to control the public spending on essential services in Catalonia in a desperate bid to halt the upcoming independence referendum.
‘Those are the rules’ Meddling EU bosses try to HALT Catalan referendum with threats
MEDDLING European Union officials continue to bury their nose into domestic affairs as the Catalan government pushes forward with its plans for an independence referendum on leaving Spain.
Catalan mayors exercise right to remain silent in referendum questioning
The first of hundreds of Catalan mayors summoned to answer questions on why they have backed a banned October 1 referendum on independence from Spain appeared before the state prosecutor on Tuesday amid cheers and chants from supporters. The first three mayors to declare exercised their right to remain silent, the Association of Municipalities for Independence said. Madrid has declared the referendum illegal and the Constitutional Court has suspended the vote that was approved by the regional government earlier this month. So far, 745 of 948 municipal leaders have said they will provide venues for the referendum
Spanish police storm Catalan government buildings to stop independence referendum
The Independent – 1 min ago

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Union activists protest against Spanish police raids and detentions in Barcelona this morning.

Spanish Ministry of Finance confirms that Catalan Finances are totally blocked. Meanwhile, more people coming to Catalan Ministry of Economy

This is outrageous. Perfectly valid excuse for civil war.
Catalan leader hits out at ‘state of emergency’ in region
Spanish police arrests Catalonian officials as the region approaches referndum about its independence, people are gathering in the streets
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4 thoughts on “Assange predicts Catalonia independence referendum could spark CIVILWAR in Spain/Police ordered to seize ballot boxes ahead of Catalonia vote

  1. The Catalonian independence referendum is little more than a sham and a distraction, and I’d hope the people there are smart enough to realize it.
    If Catalonia were to leave Spain, its leaders already pointed out they’d instantly join the EU, so essentially they’d gain very little independence. Kind of like West Texas deciding to secede from Texas, but already applying to become the 51st state under control of D.C. beforehand.
    Given it’s not going to make much of a difference either way, I don’t see people getting into a civil war over it.
    If anything, the EU is probably behind it so they can keep the most productive region of Spain in the Euro zone in case Spain decides they need to get out of the Euro because of its debt problems.

    • At the museum in the Sagrada Familia Cathedral, there are photos of
      the smoking ruins of the nearly finished Cathedral after it was bombed
      by Stukas. George Orwell fought with the Communists in Catalonia
      against the Fascist backed Government in Madrid. Parts of Catalonia
      looked like Barbuda after Hurricane Irma. There was a Victory for the
      Fascists. There was not an end to the Hatred in some quarters between
      Catalonia and Madrid.
      I pray some short-sighted answer to the problem is found,
      and not a situation where “History Rhymes”.
      (ALSO, the Posters from the first Civil War are on display in the
      Catalonian Art Museum in Barcelona)
      P.S. Last year my family vacationed in Catalonia, and loved it.
      We wish the people there only the Very Best!

  2. My Grandfather fled Spain in 1937 after his in-laws were murdered by Republican (NAZI Air Force) aerial bombardment. The Spanish Fascist Republican forces bombed their own people. mostly defenseless civilians. Noncombatants. For this to happen again is a reality as the peoples in charge in Spain in the year 2017 are the same wealth class as in the year 1937. Spanish Civil War: Casualties. Available information suggests that there were about 500,000 deaths from all causes during the Spanish Civil War.

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