Astounding – Steele Stuns British Judge ‘ I WORKED FOR HILLARY , TO FRAME TRUMP’

BREAKING & STUNNING ADMISSION: Report begins at 21:00 minutes in- MIG Agent Christopher Steele globalist connection intro from 00:0020:00

Former British MI6 Agent Christopher Steele just admitted under oath in a UK Courtroom that he in fact was paid by Hillary Clinton to create a perverted and salacious fake Russia Hoax “Dossier” that was used to slander President Trump and which could also be used as evidence for Hillary’s attorneys and John McCain to take to the FBI and begin a fake FBI investigation.

Then the dossier was be taken to a U.S. secretive, Federal Electronic Surveillance court & put before a FISA Court judge as false evidence in order to obtain a surveillance warrant on Presidential candidate Donald J. Trump as early as the mid summer 2016.

FBI Director Jim Comey, DAG Sally Yates, Rod Rosenstein (her replacement) Susan Rice, Obama, James Baker, Preistep, Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS, Bruce and Nellie Ohr, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok & Lisa Page etc. ALL illegally planned the whole conspiracy to spy upon & entrap President Donald J. Trump – to frame him and force him from office as an “INSURANCE POLICY” while clearing and exonerating themselves and their senior SES officer Hillary Clinton. DISGUSTING treason.

They broke many laws by , providing fake evidence to a Federal judge (FISA Judge Contreras & other RINO & DEN Federal District Court Judges who HATED Trump also)

The FISA judges were complicit in the treason & sedition as well. InspoNews delves into this and more in this shocking report.

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ALSO BREAKING: New AG Bill Barr Will Prosecute Hillary & End the Mueller Probe he says- Bill Barr is the President’s right choice for the vaunted position since he has a history of running against the grain in order to enforce the rule of law – especially when it comes to treasonous & corrupt DC politicians.


1. That Mueller’s legal team of all Democrats was not balanced and seemed politically motivated.
2. That the Russian collusion charge against the President seemed exceptionally weak.
3. That there was no basis for an obstruction of justice charge when the President fired Jim Comey as that is his unquestionable executive right, privilege and power under Article 2 of the US Constitution.
4. That there seems to be zero evidence for obstruction (albeit Mueller is now stretching the liar Cohen’s plea into a campaign finance infraction cover up by the Prez – yet still a stretch to prove or show evidence that President Trump demanded Cohen obstruct justice or lie to investigators as some sort of “un-indicted co-conspirator” like Nixon. Mueller is desperate and has virtually nothing on Russian collusion or conspiracy – other than the words of a proven liar who is trying to save his own neck)

He can’t get his “star” witnesses to tell he and Weissmann what they want to hear – he’s not getting people to lie against the president as he had hoped. Except for seedy Michael Cohen which no judge or jury would trust as he is already been proven to be a liar.

5. That most of the compelling and obvious collusion with Russia as well as real obstruction is on the DNC & Hillary Clinton side of the ledger.

6. That as AG he would commence a formal FBI/DOJ investigation into Hillary’s server scandal and her missing subpoenaed 33,000 emails.
7. That the pay for play Uranium One deal seems to shout for an investigation the loudest etc. & ad nauseum.



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