Atlantic: Schools close, power outages amid vicious storm

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Weather warnings are widespread across the Atlantic provinces with the next big storm forcing school closures and leaving thousands without power. Expect more rain, damaging winds, and a healthy dumping of snow through Thursday with the coldest temperatures of the season closely following behind this beast.

By Tuesday evening, heavy snow was reported across northern New Brunswick, while a band of snow preceded the rain sliding north through southern Nova Scotia, southern New Brunswick, and P.E.I. Snow is picking up in Newfoundland as well with blizzard conditions expected along the west coast of the island through Thursday. Snow will also rapidly accumulate in southeastern Labrador, where as much as 30+ cm could fall.

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As the system strengthens, snow and rain will clear most of the Maritimes fairly quickly, although bitter winds will lead to powerful snow squalls for the Gaspe, Cape Breton, and the Acadian Peninsula. Newfoundland will be under the gun through the day on Wednesday, with similar squalls setting up for the west coast by Wednesday night.

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Even those who escape the snow won’t escape the wind. The strongest gusts will be felt for Newfoundland and the Gulf shores Wednesday afternoon and Thursday.

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