AT&T & Frontier Allowed California Networks to Deteriorate.

AT&T and Frontier both repeatedly failed to meet the state’s minimum standard to “repair 90 percent of all out-of-service trouble reports within 24 hours.”

“The requirement to clear a minimum 90 percent of out-of-service (OOS) reports within 24 hours has never been met by AT&T since 2010. Verizon/Frontier met the OOS standard in only two of the 96 months covered by this study,” the report said.

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“AT&T has the financial resources to maintain and upgrade its wireline network in California, but has yet to do so,” the report also said. “Frontier has a strong interest in pursuing such upgrades, but lacks the financial capacity to make the necessary investments.” Frontier filed for bankruptcy in April 2020 while admitting that its financial problems were caused largely by a “significant under-investment in fiber deployment.”

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