Attending Anti-Trump Women's March During the Day, Going to Inaugural Events the Same Evening – Hypocritical Marchers

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by Amna El Tawil
Women gathered for Women’s March in Washington DC as well as many other cities in the United States and all around the world. Their marches were, primarily, inspired by Trump’s statement but they also wanted to fight for women’s rights everywhere. All this sounds inspiring, but when you scratch beneath the surface you notice things aren’t so honest and uplifting as they seem.
First, the marches turned into celebrity promotions. Famous people made it about themselves, as usual. Even more than 90% of speakers were celebrities and it makes you wonder what about ordinary women and things they have to say? This isn’t the only issue with the Women’s March; even bigger is the problem that marchers were incredibly hypocritical, NY Post reveals.
Doree Lewak and Bruce Golding wrote: “These women are outraged that President Trump has taken over the White House — but not enough to miss a good party. Hypocritical millennials who marched against the nation’s new leader in Washington Saturday swapped out their pink “pussyhats” for beaded gowns hours later — so they could boogie down at a swank inaugural ball celebrating the 45th president.
“It feels weird because I was at the march today and I’m at the ball now, but I’m a product of my generation,” one woman, Bree, 23, said during “Washingtonian” magazine’s Saturday-night gala. “We’re very adaptable.”
The National Institutes of Health worker said she scored her $175 ticket to the bash on Nov. 7 — a day before Trump’s surprise victory — fully expecting to celebrate the swearing-in of Hillary Clinton. But when things didn’t turn out as planned, she carried a handmade “Future is Female” sign through the streets of D.C. during the day, then headed to the party with five women pals, “because we thought this ball doesn’t take a political stance.”
Elizabeth, 24, insisted she wasn’t at the sold-out soiree to celebrate Trump, against whom she decided to march after watching a replay of his inaugural address Friday night. “I don’t necessarily feel like I’m at a party for the inauguration,” said the personal assistant, who attended with two female friends and added, “But that might be a conscious decision on my part.”
The Real Housewives of New York star, Jill Zarin, was also one of those people who attended the inaugural events and marched too. It looks like people would do anything for attention.


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