A girl in Sweden gang-raped, entire ordeal live streamed on Facebook Live!!

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by Amna El Tawil
Police in Uppsala, Sweden arrested three men on suspicion of gang rape after they have been alerted that perpetrators are live-streaming their horrific act on Facebook. According to media reports, the crime took place on Sunday morning and men decided to share everything with members of a closed group on the popular social media website.

(Photo credit: news.com.au)
Witnesses said that girl was close to unconsciousness and some of them even thought they were watching a poorly-orchestrated joke. One Facebook user, Lovisa, said: “Two guys pushing down a girl on the bed… I first thought it was a poorly-orchestrated joke. But it was not.”
Lovisa also said that about 200 people watched the live stream before police arrived which is when the video stopped, but audio indicated there was some common in the room. She said that police questioned men and took them to the police station.
Another member of the closed group said: ““It’s screwed, totally sick. How can you do such a thing to a girl? And how can you do it live…?” Others also described the event saying men through the girl onto the bed and took her clothes off, expressing disbelief regarding the event that poses as yet another scandal broadcasted on Facebook live. Let’s not forget that four teenagers live-streamed beating up a white peer in Chicago.
The identity of arrested men is still unknown and it’s not clear who or why group members were invited to that Facebook group.

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